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The New Dental Patient “Magic Question”

Double – or even quadruple – your new-patent bookings with this simple scripting technique. 
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Building Trust In Your Dental Practice Is Easier Than You Think

The great thing for dentists is that you can build trust with the people living in your dental practice neighborhood – by using a dental newsletter in combination with your supportive dental website. By marketing your practice using direct mail newsletters that educate just enough without overwhelming, you are creating a subtle difference in the...
Dental Receptionist

How Your Dental Practice Can Recruit An Awesome Front Desk Team

Hiring a great receptionist for your dental office is so important on many levels. This person can uplift and support other team members and they can be champions of your business when they interact with patients (and they will do that a lot), or they can unintentionally or even covertly have a negative impact on both.
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How Well Does Your Team Represent Your Practice?

How does your team represent your dental practice? Are they helping to maximize your dental marketing campaigns by catching and converting every new patient inquiry? Are they instilling trust and confidence in patients and prospects? This post tells a brief story to illustrate how important company representatives can be. 
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How Emotional Intelligence Can Impact Your Bottom Line

There’s no doubt Linear Thinking, which is based on logic, rules, and rationality lends itself to many professions – dentistry included. So where does EQ fit into dental office performance?