Stand out ... in the sea of sameness

Does Your Dental Practice Stand Out From The Crowd?


Stand out from the crowd with direct mailAre you confident that your marketing is doing all it can to help 

your practice STAND OUT


Customized newsletters sent to targeted households around your practice will distinguish your practice ... and the added bonus – newsletters drive 70% HIGHER new patient call volume than postcards. 

The change in economic conditions and increasing competition from solo and group practices has elevated the need for patient acquisition marketing. However sending out a static mailer or postcard just isn't enough to ensure that your practice will truly stand out. Many consumers perceive that all dentists are the same, so you need an awareness builder that will distinguish your practice and set you apart. 

  An indepth study has proven that newsletters drive 70% more

new patient calls than postcards.  


Women make more than 92% of all healthcare buying decisions

That's because, as you're likely aware, women make more than 92% of all healthcare buying decisions. They want quality information to make good decisions for their families. And it's not just women, according to the custom content council, 73% of people prefer to get information about a business in a collection of articles (like a newsletter) rather than a traditional ad. 

If you don't feel that your current marketing is doing all it can to help your practice STAND OUT, give us a call.

We can help.