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Are You Marketing The Right Way … To The Right Audience?

Before developing methods to address the challenge of being seen, being relevant, and being contacted, marketers must find or create a need and then provide the solution. 


10 Top Ways To Increase Practice Value

When you are building your brand to sell your business and marketing pre-sale, you want to build awareness of the practice itself – the technology, convenience, and location. This way, when you sell...


Why You Need A Unique Value Proposition

A strong UVP will readily summarize why the people who live in the market area surrounding your dental practice should use your dental services.


This Is Gold: Top 5 Tips For Marketing Content Success

When marketing to women, there are 5 key players in the “game of connection.” Just like in a real live sports contest, each player is critical to success. Remove one or more players, and the game can...


How To Increase Patient Engagement For Great Results

Engaged patients are active participants in their home oral healthcare routines. They attend regular recare appointments and accept your team’s treatment and homecare recommendations. They are your...


How To Get Referrals Using Dental Marketing Strategies

A highly engaged patient base will happily become practice ambassadors without too much prompting, but how do you ensure that your patients-of-record are talking to the people in their sphere of...


Dental Front Office Training: How to Work as a Great Team

Five people in business attire on computers

Dental Front Office Training: How to Work as a Great Team Investing in training your staff can go a long way toward helping grow your practice


Top 10 Best Practices for Dental Marketing Online

Shopping woman on her smartphone

Do you stand out online from your competition? Or are you merely following the pack and getting lost in the digital shuffle?


How to Write Great Dental Referral Cards

Woman handing referral card to someone

How to Write Great Dental Referral Cards Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to grow your practice. Here’s how you can use the trust your patients have in you to build a fruitful refer-...