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Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing


Build trust, STAND OUT, and be the dental practice of choice in your area.

We help dentists drive growth. 



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Watch the video below showing you a marketing system that WORKS

attract new dental patients
retain existing patients
grow your dental practice




​How To Succeed With A Marketing Strategy: 

  1. Know your target market. Women make 90% of the healthcare buying decisions.
  2. Use educational content that builds trust and wins over static mailers and postcards every time.
  3. Target areas most primed for higher response. Don't waste marketing dollars. 
  4. Have a front desk team trained to convert more calls into booked appointments.
  5. Maintain the frequency of your marketing. It builds momentum over time.
  6. STAND OUT by partnering with Patient News – an experienced dental marketing company.


​Save time and get proven results



Get A Primer On Dental Marketing

Successful marketing for dentists is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need the right strategy, tools, and methods that will allow you to implement an overarching marketing campaign in a way that's better, faster and more effective than your competitors. 

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Watch: Dental Marketing Overview
Get a quick look at how Patient News brings you great new dental patients...

Dental Marketing with Patient News


Dr. Sam J. Nechamkin

Finding Patient News was like a dream come true. I love the idea of giving them a call and having it “done.” The phone rings off the hook all month long and the fact that the results are trackable is icing on the cake!
– John Geren, Marketing Director, Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry

- Dr. Sam J. Nechamkin, Dr. Sam's Premier Dentistry

I recommend Patient News if you’re in need of a fresh new presence in your community. PNP marketing is a great reminder that you’re available immediately to new patients!

- Dr. Kirby L. Hart, Hartford Family Dentistry
About Patient News

Patient News has been helping dentists grow their practices for more than 23 years. We provide a wide variety of marketing solutions for new patient acquisition and patient retention, which means that we have worked with thousands of dentists, understand your profession, and know that every practice is unique.

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Our team of dental marketing intelligence experts will be pleased to share with you how our documented, analyzed, and expertly created dental marketing process will virtually guarantee practice growth. With your FREE DISCOVERY SESSION, you’ll receive these reports and more, absolutely free with zero obligation … then you can determine if we have a solution that might suit your practice to help you keep your schedule full. Patient News will help your dental practice STAND OUT! We’re available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm EST.