4 Critical Areas Of Your Online Footprint

Privacy To The Website

You must ensure it’s organized!

In this blog, I will highlight the key areas of an online presence that must be owned by your dental practice and managed effectively.

If your practice is not organized and diligent about updated credentials in the four areas listed below, get ready for headaches, delays, wasted time, and wasted money.

  1. Google My Business Credentials & Ownership
  2. Social Media Ownership & Admin Access
  3. Email Hosting Access
  4. URL Ownership & Hosting.

Working with a marketing agency like Patient NEWS can help you manage these channels, improve them, and take the load off your team, however, I repeat: It is critical that your practice is aware of the login credentials and is in full ownership of these channels.

Not owning these channels is similar to not having a key to the front door of your house. You would never say “Someone else does that for me.”

1. Google My Business Credentials & Ownership

Google My Business (GMB) is arguably one of the most important channels you have to drive phone calls and web visits. Current patients, new patients, and prospects are all using GMB to access your practice name, phone number, website address, reviews, and hours. Do you have ownership? Are you verified? Are you confident that you are in full control of this page for your business?

Important GMB Information To Keep You Organized:


Login Email:  __________________

Password:  ____________________

How to give others access

Don’t provide the login and password for this account. Instead, go inside the GMB back end and add a user with manager access. This way people or agencies can do what they need to for account improvement while ensuring you still are the owner who keeps credentials safe.

If you do not currently own your listing, request it by following these instructions: https://support.google.com/business/answer/4566671?hl=en

2. Social Media Ownership & Admin Access

Similarly to GMB, you don’t ever want to provide another person or agency with your login details for Facebook or Instagram. In the case someone is helping you manage these accounts, you should only provide admin access in the settings area of the business page. Social channels need a person attached to the account who has a personal profile, so as the owner of the business, you should have a personal Facebook profile and attach it to the Facebook business page.

Important Information To Keep You Organized (Facebook):

Current Owner: ___________________ (Name of Person)

Current Manager(s):__________________

How to give others access: You would never give someone your personal Facebook Profile login and password, so you must provide others with access through roles in the business settings. Instructions to do that are here:


Important Information To Keep You Organized (Instagram):

Current Owner: ___________________ (Name of Person)

Current Manager(s):__________________

3. Email Hosting Access

Email hosting is important to your business because there are compliance laws in privacy you must take into consideration. You also don’t want your email to go down without a process to get it back up. This information is critical to your business.

In many situations email hosting is connected to the URL of your website. To ensure your email doesn’t go down make sure your DNS is pointed correctly. When switching website hosts, ensure your new provider has the correct credentials to properly make the adjustments, so nothing breaks.

Important Information To Keep You Organized:

Current Email Host: _________________________ (Microsoft 360, Google, GoDaddy, etc.)

Email Host Login: ___________________________

Email Host Password: ________________________

Agency or IT Team Who Manages Your Email: __________________________

Contact Name: _______________________

Phone Number: ________________________

How to give others access:

This depends on your email host. For example, GoDaddy allows for “delegate access,” meaning you can provide a user with just enough access to do what they need to and not use your login credentials. Some email hosts don’t provide this access point, so you will have to give the login and password.

4. URL Ownership & Hosting

By no means should any other business have “ownership” of your URL. We suggest that if that is the case, open a GoDaddy account and have the agency that currently owns your URL pass it back to the new GoDaddy account you opened. In some cases, an agency may buy a URL on your behalf. If this is the case, ensure you can own it upon exit. Owning your URL is like having a trademark of your business name. You want to build online authority with your URL, and losing it would be taking big steps backwards.

Important Information To Keep You Organized  

Current URL Host: _________________________

URL Host Login: ___________________________

URL Host Password: ________________________


Agency or IT Team Who Manages Your URL: __________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Contact Name: _______________________

The quality of your dental practice or group's online presence, from listings to social media and reputation management to paid media to website structure, will significantly impact your success. The dental practice that wants to STAND OUT and grow must invest in a dedicated digital presence and it must be based on the most advanced research and technology.

Remember, everything online is a marketing campaign for your practice. How are you doing in the digital world? Let’s find out with our FREE WEB AUDIT. Make sure you talk to your Account Success Manager, or if you’re new to Patient NEWS, call one of our experts today! Patient NEWS will help your practice STAND OUT & Grow!

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