10 Dental Marketing Strategies

Improve Likes On Your Facebook Page

Did you know that 89% of small businesses find that social media helps them gain exposure but 31% of them don’t know how to use it effectively?

A Facebook fan is worth $174 to a brand, up 28% since 2010, according to Syncapse, a social media marketing firm. This number depends on the type of industry, however, we know there is no doubt that likes will increase trust, loyalty and brand recognition. That’s why this week I decided to give you 10 Dental Marketing Strategies to generate more likes to your dental practice Facebook page.

1. Make sure the message is cohesive

Having a cohesive brand image is important to build recognition as well as trust with your new patients and prospects. This means your website, printed material such as newsletter and brochures, signage, and of course your social media accounts should all share colors, imagery, and speak the voice of the practice. When people land on your Facebook page, it only takes seconds to decide if they are in the right place. Don’t lose patients to an inconsistent brand image.

2. Get personal. Be human.

We need to ensure the public can relate with someone on the other side of the social media curtain. Humanize your brand by asking all of your employees to like the page AND engage with it. Like, share, and comment. This will let prospects and patients know you can have fun and be a great dental practice at the same time. Having more engagement gives your page a sense of “social proof.”

3. Have fun with contests

Contests are, and always have been, a great way to have people engage with your Facebook page. A Halloween coloring contest for some movie tickets or a draw for free teeth whitening will generate organic engagement. Promote your contest on your website too!

The contest below is NOT an example for a dental practice! If you are a fan of Patient News' Facebook page, we will do a live draw for dentist socks to suit your practice!

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4. Optimize your facebook landing page

On the Facebook landing page, you can edit the “About Us” section. Use keywords such as “Dentist In Orlando” in the description. Make sure your profile is complete and contains a consistent NAP (name, address, phone number).

5. Video is King!

For years, internet gurus have been preaching video as the next big wave. Guess what? It’s here and official. Video wins! Studies prove that videos surpass engagement levels over text posts. Find relevant patient-friendly dental videos (i.e. fun content – no blood or procedural footage), snap a quick testimonial with your favorite patient ... and get posting!

6. Use email as a platform to spread the word

In every email you send out, add a P.S. section toward the bottom with a statement such as;

“Like our Facebook page for updated information about our practice, ongoing specials, and all the fun we have in the community!”

Even if someone doesn’t click on the “P.S.” link the first time they read your email, they will get the impression you are committed to technology and on top of trends and communication!

7. Keep it consistent

Post regularly. Through our dental marketing research and studies at Patient News, we suggest posting between 1 and 3 times per week. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% are nonpromotional. Sporadic posts show a lack of commitment. Establish a pattern and make sure someone in the practice is responsible. If you want someone to like your page and invest their time in you, you must show your commitment first. These dental marketing strategies are important to the overall success of your campaign.

8. Sharing is caring!

Sharing your Facebook page on multiple platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter can drum up engagement. A simple comment such as “Like Our Facebook Page” is not likely to grab attention, however, “Check out what’s happening on our fun Facebook Page” will generate interest, driving the click.

9. Upload photos from community events

There is no excuse to “forget your camera” when attending a school or community event. Every phone has a high-quality camera that is perfect for posting on social media. Make sure to get the proper permissions around taking pictures of patients, especially kids. The engagement is well worth it and will generate likes to your page. Make sure you tag the event by location when posting your pics!

10. Create a social media culture and keep your reputation in check

Make engagement a priority. Answer questions and respond to comments promptly. Your Facebook posts are a starting point for great discussions and your reputation should be kept in mind. Just like a review site, Facebook is a sounding board for patients positive referrals or frustrations. Make sure you respond to positive and negative comments to keep bad engagement from going viral while compliments are acknowledged.

Final Thoughts

In closing I'd like to mention that as important as likes are, engagement is the true measurement. SO make sure you have built a culture around social media inside the practice. If the team is engaged, so will your patients and prospects! It’s important to cover the basics. Implement these 10 strategies to get more likes to your Facebook page!


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