2 Metrics That Will Make Or Break Your Dental Practice Marketing Plan

Tracking these 2 metrics could boost your production

For most dental offices, the first live touch with a potential new patient is made over the phone. That first phone call is where your front desk team can make or break the relationship with the patient. Recording and scoring these interactions can help improve new patient bookings.

Many offices are now tracking and recording inbound phone calls, but the key is to listen to every call and score these calls using a consistent methodology. Most office managers and dentists we know would love to have the time to listen to their calls and help their teams improve phone handling procedures, but this is one of those things on the to-do list that always slips into tomorrow.

That’s why our best-in-class Phone Power system is heating up our client’s dental marketing programs. It’s designed specifically for the dental industry and features training, call tracking, call recording, call scoring, and practice analytics all presented in a clear and concise Marketing Performance Dashboard. The Phone Power system provides dentists and their teams with a clear view of their new-patient first-interaction vitals which are key metrics that they need and can act on.

Here are two key metrics that will significantly improve practice production:

  • Live answer rate
  • Call conversion percentage.

Call conversion percentage is the rate at which your team can book at least one patient appointment per inbound call.

Live answer rate is the number of calls answered by one of your team – not your voice mail system and not your answering service. You may think new patients will leave a message, but most do not. This is a critical metric to maximize for all dental offices.

Call conversion percentage is the rate at which your team can book at least one patient appointment per inbound call. Once you’re focused on this metric and using techniques shared in our Phone Power system, you can increase the number of patients booked per call in addition to improving overall conversion.

With the effective use of our Phone Power system, you can literally MORE THAN DOUBLE new-patient flow for many practices. This chart demonstrates how much more revenue you could generate when you use our Phone Power system effectively.

On average, most dental offices answer roughly 80% of their new patient inbound calls, missing 20%. Of the 80% that do get answered, less than 50% are converted to at least one appointment. That means, as you can see in this chart, for every 100 valid new patient calls, just 80 are spoken with and only 38 result in an appointment. That’s if your practice is at industry average. Are you above … or below? 


Top performance dental offices answer 95% of inbound calls and convert 75% of those to at least one appointment. Using our Phone Power system and Marketing Performance Dashboard, we can help clients identify key new patient leaks that they may have been previously unaware of and plug those leaks and increase revenue.

The difference between an average dental practice and a top performing dental practice’s handling of 100 new patient calls means a gain of at least $150,000 in practice revenue. If you’re generating 50-100 new patient calls per month – that’s not chump change.

When it comes to your dental marketing results, the way your telephone calls are handled can make or break campaigns. Talk to your Account Representative about your metrics and adding Phone Power to all your dental practice marketing campaigns.

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