3 Ways A Dental Practice Can Avoid Production Slowdowns

If your practice is like many others, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you’re going to have a lull in bookings in September. That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, there are at least three key ways you can maintain or increase your rate of appointments heading into the back-to-school season.

1.Review your community new-patient acquisition efforts

Consumers respond at a higher rate when offers are presented monthly. Don’t lapse or delay your monthly area direct mail drops. The market is just too competitive, there are too many other things that your audience is distracted with … and consumers love to avoid the dentist. If your practice name isn’t visible every single month all year long – including summer months – you can expect a dip in practice activity in the time periods following a skipped month or two.

Not sure what’s right for you? Have your Patient News rep take you through a practice production trajectory analysis. It’s free and you’ll immediately see what is possible for your practice to accomplish – and the downtimes you can mitigate. This sophisticated analytical method will allow you to make the most intelligent decision for your practice

2.Pull a list of all active patients without a scheduled appointment.

You probably have a gold mine sitting in your active client base that simply needs a poke. Just like point #1, your patients are distracted by the busy-ness of their lives and they’re simply not thinking about you. That doesn’t mean they want to lapse their hygiene appointments or they’re not still thinking about that treatment you presented, but they haven’t yet accepted. They just need a reminder. Have your team run a call blitz and get those patients booked!

3.Pull a list of all lapsed/inactive patients that haven’t been seen in 14-24 months

Oftentimes these patients will not have moved onto another practice and they may still think you’re their dentist and team. Many are just avoiders or like above, maybe they left your office without a follow up appointment booked, or they cancelled and haven’t rebooked and now you’re not on their calendar at all. Call, email, and mail these folks with a special offer to reactivate.

Your Account Manager/Executive can help you with all of these options – email or call our office today. We are always available to help you increase your practice production. Our experts want to share their knowledge and advice – take advantage & call!

Here are a few more ideas for you to toss around at your next huddle:

  • Brainstorm with your team – do they know why you have booking lulls?
  • Do you have an incentive that may attract patients during your slow times
  • When did you run your last referral campaign? Is it one of those things that’s always there in the background and has been lost in the day-to-day? Do you need to amp it up and make it new and exciting again?
  • Throw a back-to-school open house or specialty intro clinic (like an  Invisalign day).
  • Use slower times internally to take care of things that constantly get put on the back burner. How about a deep office clean, hand-written thank you notes to great patients, team training, marketing planning, key competitor review, volunteering time at local schools (and hand out your newsletters to be taken home to Mom), and once the office is refreshed … from entrance to exit (and don’t forget the bathroom), update your office and team photos for your website, facebook, and newsletter!

Here’s to steady and increasing production month over month. Again, call your Account Rep anytime for help and don’t face another Sucktember!

P.S. Before you order a big stack of boring old holiday cards this year … ask your Account Manager about replacing them with a beautiful custom holiday newsletter (use your slow time to take a fun holiday team photo to be included). This will add real value to your patient communications for November/December or January. Ask your Account Manager to put your order in the queue now so you don’t out on miss this important mail time.

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