3 Ways To Know Your Dental Website Is Successful

81% of people will visit your website before they step foot into your practice.

A dental website is more than an online information source, it’s an ongoing dental marketing campaign that needs consistent analysis and updates for top conversion.

In this blog, you will learn 3 top metrics for dental practice website success.

Time On Site

“Time on site” refers to exactly what you would assume. It’s a metric based on the average user and how long they spend on your site. Why would this be such an important metric?

Time on site indicates engagement on your website.

Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing consider user engagement a key performance indicator. When people spend time reading and navigating the pages of your website, search engines will rank your site above competitors’ websites that have lower user time.

What is the average time on site for the dental industry?

Through our studies and research, along with client case studies, we benchmark time on site at a minimum of 2 minutes. Many of our WebLift™ clients are seeing 3-4 minute averages.

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“Contact Us” Page Visit Percentage

As mentioned earlier, key metrics prove success. If your dental website is set up to convert new patients, the Contact Us page should get lots of visits. If it doesn’t, this is a warning that potential patients have a hard time navigating the website or the call-to-actions aren’t placed correctly.

If your website has a high percentage of Contact Us page views, you can be sure your website is doing its job.

It’s not uncommon to see dental websites with distracting flashy videos and difficult navigation that takes the focus away from new-patient conversion. Many designs are based on “what looks good” and not on how to convert new patients – the primary objective of a dental marketing website!

Visually clean design, ease of navigation, quick loading, and well branded are just four website characteristics that are imperative to help generate those Contact Us page views.

Without ease of use and high functionality as a driving force, a dental website that looks good won’t help you get more new patients!

New & Existing User Visits

A high percentage of new visitors to your dental website is an indicator that your marketing is working.

Patient News WebLift sites average 50% new-visitor views.


Call today and Patient News will complete a comprehensive internet audit that will show you all aspects of your online presence performance! It will give you critical information to help you improve what matters most – how your practice is represented online … which greatly determines your new-patient acquisition success.

With 25 years at the leading edge of dental marketing, our experienced Account Managers are 100% dedicated to your success. With your Patient News’ WebLift dental website, they will ensure important metrics are benchmarked and that your practice’s online presence is leveraged to succeed!

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