5 Profitable Marketing Secrets For Dentists

Top ways to help your dental practice profits soar

Making a strong and lasting positive impression at every patient interaction is one of the most important skills a dental team can master. When patients have a favorable experience, growing your dental practice will be so much easier. Here’s what we’ve found works for our most successful dentists:

  • They make a good first impression
  • They understand how quickly patients want to be served
  • They make it easy for patients to do business with them
  • They’re likeable
  • They focus on who and what matters.

Making a good first impression using best practices for dental business

Do all your marketing materials (internal and external), signage, environment, and office staff reflect the quality and professionalism you want your practice to be known for? Does a tattered postcard arrive in consumer homes or have you invested in a high-quality educational dental newsletter to set your practice apart? When prospects call your practice, is their call answered promptly and handled enthusiastically? Is your entrance and reception area impressive when patients arrive? Do you have a myriad of pin-up notices and bulletins cluttering the front desk? We have found that when these five components have a focus on quality and come together, it’s much easier to onboard and keep good and profitable patients.

Understanding speed when it comes to new, existing, and lapsing dental patients

In 2017, we all expect to get what we want within seconds. We’re frustrated when Google takes 10 seconds to load a page (count it the next time you’re aggravated). Not answering your phone live after just a ring or two, not having immediate appointment availability or consistently making patients wait when they arrive for their appointment lets your patients and prospects feel like you don’t respect their time and that you think your time is more valuable. Today’s dental patients don’t have patience. They expect more and they will appreciate it with their patronage. Fail on this front and you’ll fail on profit growth.

Make doing business with your dental practice easy

Convenient hours, responsive customer service, availability, multiple ways to get in touch, insurance handling, payment plans … think of all the ways you can make it easier for patients to work with you. What are the barriers or frustrations that make patients walk out your door or hang up their phone and never call back?

Be likeable

Sounds like an easy one but you really do have to work at it. Being in business since 1993, I can tell you that our most successful dentists (and their teams) are truly the most humble and likeable ones. They are the easiest for us, as a supplier, to work for and with. It’s never surprising to meet them at a tradeshow and find out that these powerhouses are great people. It’s a common trait for success. Likeable people smile, look you in the eye, are visibly caring, and really engaged in what they’re doing. We can all be more likeable by choosing a positive attitude and continuing to work on ourselves.

What matters

Running a profitable dental practice requires focus on who and what matters. Clearly identifying your practice Unique Value Proposition (UVP), ensuring your team understands and is engaged in delivering on your value statement, and marrying these with your ideal target audience allows the successful dental office to market with precision and drive higher profits. When you know what it is you want to deliver and who will respond to it, you can focus on driving practice growth and profits without wasting dollars that cut into your profit margin.

Our team of dental marketing best practices experts can help your practice stand out and grow. Contact us if you’d like to make a more-lasting impression on your practice profits as we move through 2017 and into 2018. Are you on track to hit your 2018 profit goals? If you’re not sure, please call us today! 

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