62% Of Dentists Plan To Spend On Marketing. Will You?

“How Often Does A Household Need To See A Business Name To Remember It?”

Out of sight, out of mind. You want to be the first dentist that your patients and your target audience (the backyard you want to own) think of when they have a dental question or need. To do this, your practice must be highly visible to your community.

Reducing attrition and attracting quality new patients is the number-one strategy to keep a dental practice thriving. Right now, recovery from COVID-19 has everyone going in multiple directions. Active patients have been scheduling, but we’re starting to see a slump in that initial pent-up demand. New patients will be critical to full practice recovery and rebound. The best way to develop patient relationships and potential patients is to build rapport, and to do that you need to be visible, get noticed, be heard, and make sure your offering is clearly understood.

According to a recent industry survey, 62% of dental offices will be spending the same OR MORE on marketing in the next 6-12 months. If you’re not one of those dental offices, you could be at risk of losing more patients than before when increased competition starts knocking on your patients’ doors.

Would you like to get found more often in your neighborhood by people interested in your dental services? Do you want to be more visible to patients who have already visited your practice? Do new patients often say, “I didn’t even know you were here”?

The team at Patient NEWS is standing by to assist you in finding the best recovery strategy for your practice. Schedule a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION where we’ll truly listen to what you want for your practice and help you get started with a plan that will help.

If any of the above resonates with you, read on for 3 proven ways to increase your visibility.

1. Audience & Offer Strategy

Before deciding “how” you will make your practice more visible, the first step is to determine who you want to be more visible to. Start by identifying your ideal dental patients and core draw area – where they live, where they interact. It’s easier to determine where to position your dental marketing efforts if you know where your best new patients spend time. Run an analysis of your existing patient base to determine top draw areas which will increase the likelihood of attracting and keeping dental patients.

When you truly understand the market area, demographics, and buying preferences, it’s much easier to target your dental marketing effort and determine what type of offers will resonate with these individuals to create a sense of urgency and compelling reason to give your dental practice the call first.

2. Content

Position your dental practice as the answer to your target market’s most common challenges. Like everyone across the country, your community’s oral health care routines have been disrupted in these unprecedented times. But the fact is that people want to look and feel great, and there are many who want to get back to the dentist, but their dental office went silent during the pandemic.

There is a tremendous opportunity here for the dental practice that works hard on curating content on all media. Create and update all local business listings and profiles including Google My Business and Facebook. Put a face to your practice. Get social and post and share what is happening at your practice. Create great newsletters for patients-of-record and to send to homes around your practice. These activities will make your dental office stand out and will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals. People want to do business with people they know and like. This builds trust and authenticity.

3. Consistency

Practice visibility is important because it helps both patients and your prospective patients become familiar with your name, and the more often they see your name, particularly when associated with reassuring and confident information, the more likely they will be to choose and stick with your dental services.

Being visible helps people recall your practice when they are ready to hit the research and buying decision phase of their dental journey. When people recognize your dental practice, they will be more likely to select your office than a competitor who’s in your area that they might not be as familiar with.

Being consistent with your patient communication efforts will positively impact your practice recovery.

If you’d like a kick-ass patient- and community-communication strategy that will help your practice recover from COVID-19 closures and help your practice grow and prosper into 2021, give Patient NEWS a call. Sign up for a FREE DISCOVERY CONSULTATION. There’s never any obligation and we promise you’ll get value – including a complete market area demographic analysis plus identification of your top draw areas.

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The team at Patient NEWS cares about dentists and dental teams across the country. As a dental marketing company with 27+ years in the industry, we can tell you that we know you’ve been through the wringer. We wish you the very best with recovery and it would be our privilege to assist you with it. We offer proven strategies, multiple options for great patient and new-patient communications, direct mail and digital strategies, websites, and the rawkstar of it all … Practice ZEBRA. Please call us today at 888-377-2404 or book your discovery session. 

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