7 Steps You Can Take To Completely Transform Your Business

  1. Gain More New Patients
  2. Improve Your Use of BI
  3. Change The Way You Look At Your Data
  4. Engage Your Employees
  5. Improve Your Patient UX
  6. Shift To A Revenue Model
  7. Adopt A Positive Attitude And Act With Commitment

Gain More New Patients
Think your patient’s journey starts with online search? Think again. Even Google, who makes most of its revenue from online advertising, invests heavily in direct mail to attract customers. Direct mail has a higher response rate than digital because it creates a more emotional bond. Advertising flyers, cards, newsletters, etc., motivated a third of baby boomers to purchase a service or product. And consumers in general claim they are almost 50% more likely to respond to an offer if they’re familiar with the company. Consistently sending direct mail to the households most likely to choose your practice builds familiarity and trust, critical elements for a dental practice to foster.

Improve Your Use Of BI
If you want your practice to excel and grow, it’s time to embrace business intelligence. The thing that makes BI useful – or not – is where it’s housed and how it’s presented. Practice ZEBRA™ allows you to centralize your top KPIs and leverage the full picture so you can gain insights on past performance and identify future opportunities for growth.

Change The Way You Look At Your Data
Of the hundreds of offices using Practice ZEBRA™, we have a good handful that don’t want to share production numbers with staff. That means staff are flying blind without knowing what their goals should be, and three-quarters of employees in that type of environment don’t trust bosses who don’t share. There are many reports on how positive and impactful sharing key metrics can be. Transform to a collaborative culture, share your trust and passion, and you’ll create team buy-in. When people know they’re doing meaningful work and can take action to hit goals, practice productivity will improve.

Engage Your Employees
We work hard on culture at Patient News. We have a stated vision, mission, and core values, one of which is all about our culture. Make your practice a place your team loves to work. Show you care with thank yous, rewards, and recognition. Involve employees and create teams to manage unique projects. Provide the training and tools each need to succeed in their roles. Don’t undervalue any position in your organization – everyone has an important role to play. For example, in some offices, the reception position is viewed as entry-level, however, this is the most important person when it comes to welcoming more new patients.

Improve Your Patient UX
The customer journey is one of the biggest areas of focus for every business these days. We have so much access to information and choice, that slipping when it comes to customer service will not bode well for practice growth. What is your vision for your patient experience? What is each touchpoint like for your patient – from learning about your practice in your marketing campaigns right through to the in-office and home retention experience? Make sure you’re hitting all the marks. Check out the dental patient journey infographic on our homepage. Need help in any area? Your Account Manager would be pleased to assist.

Shift To A Revenue Model
As a dental practice, you have a recurring revenue business. Here are a few key stats that may impact how you view your patients. On average, a new patient in their first year will deliver almost twice as much revenue as an existing patient. And while a good portion of users schedule a new patient back for a second visit, they’re missing out on longer-term revenue by not scheduling them back after that. And when it comes to active patients, we have found that, on average, most dental offices only have 50% of their patients scheduled to return. This all adds up to A LOT of revenue your practice is missing out on.

Adopt A Positive Attitude & Act With Commitment
The power of positivity is not new, but sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to remind ourselves to BE POSITIVE! As a leader, as someone that interacts with patients, it’s your job to pull your shoulders up, put a smile on, and amp the positive tone in your practice. Your coworkers, friends, and patients will thank you for it. As for acting with commitment, set your goal, set your strategy, and stick with it. It’s so frustrating to see dental practices make early decisions to cut costs when progress has begun.

Commit to your goals. Commit to your success. If you look at these 7 topics seriously and take action within each, you will completely transform your practice.

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