AACD 2018 – Celebrate Good Times … Come On!

As the Director of Digital Marketing at Patient News, attending the AACD was an exciting time for me! This was my chance to meet so many amazing clients, talk about our new products and services (Digital Marketing & Business Intelligence), AND toast with champagne at our booth to celebrate Patient News’ 25th anniversary! Could you ask for more excitement!?

I must say, working for a company that has 25 years in business makes me proud. I’m honored to be a part of the executive team that has 100s of years in combined experience specifically in DENTAL MARKETING! 

At the AACD, we saw lots of vendor booths for marketing agencies – ones that we haven’t seen before or those that are very new to the scene. They seem to be around for a good time, but not a long time. 

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With 25 years in business, all our clients have strong trust in our abilities to fulfill and deliver.

Patient News is still growing, and we couldn’t be more confident about our work. We are here for the long run … as we have already proven!

My favorite part of the AACD having the chance (along with VP Joanne Bishop and President Karen Galley) to meet so many successful dentists and office managers. I got to meet the amazing Dr. Bill Dorfman (Author of Billion Dollar Smile and longtime client of Patient News).

Along with meeting dental celebrities like Dr. Dorfman, I was in company with many other passionate doctors and office managers. We talked about dental marketing and discussed different and unique challenges.

Dominating our conversations was how practices are not able to accurately track their marketing data and campaign results. 

I really enjoyed this dialogue because our Marketing Performance Dashboard helps so many clients understand their dental marketing results by giving them detailed to-the-minute data analysis.

You get:

  • copious data specific to your marketing (all your dental marketing, not just marketing with Patient News). 
  • details on how your results affects your production
  • no more guessing with a true measurement of your return on investment… Gone are the days when you spend money without understanding your true ROI.

The response from doctors about our new digital products was incredible! They were blown away when they heard about this amazing tool! Did I already tell you how much I loved these conversations? 

For everyone who attended and stopped by the booth, we want to thank you again for being a part of our 25 years of success.

And of course, for those of you who couldn’t make it to the show, we thank you too!

After 3 days of dental marketing conversations, toasting to great success, and fun with prospects and clients, I was sad to leave!

Like so many members of the AACD, if you want to improve your digital marketing, understand your marketing results, or effectively and actively market to your area, let’s chat!

click here and we will fully audit your current website and tell you how it’s performing … and what you can do to hike its effectiveness … to get more new patients … to increase your bottom line … to meet your unique goals. All for free.
I can’t wait to see you again at the 2019 AACD!

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