Amazing News For Dentists Who Want Their Dental Marketing Campaigns To Be More Effective

Early last year we released the results of our expansive 300-market 6-million-consumer head-to-head newsletter versus postcard study which proved thatnewsletters drive 70% higher response than postcards. Despite the fact that postcards have been a huge part of our product line, we immediately went to work to help our clients improve their overall results by moving campaigns to the exclusive use of monthly newsletters. We revised our internal processes to make it easy for our clients to provide their consumers with quality educational content – something that highlights their key differentiators and sets them apart in their market. Despite varying degrees of competitiveness, when newsletter campaigns (including targeting, content, and frequency) follow our guidelines, newsletters work better to attract more and higher-quality new patients, to better engage existing patients, and to reduce attrition – in all markets.

By developing campaigns and combining the physicality of print, the intelligence of our data mining, and the connectivity of our newsletter content, your direct mail campaigns will work better than ever. And they’re going to continue to get better. Because we’re continuing to work harder. In fact, the effects of our latest modifications to design have resulted in a 150% year-over-year increase in response.

As an innovative dental marketer, our goal is to optimize design and content, improve content relevancy, improve current and future communications, and increase response and conversion rates for our dentist clients.

Heck, research leads to more intelligent decision making, so late last fall, we conducted an additional study of our neighborhood newsletters. This study further proved that our format is right on target. The results confirmed that our newsletter layout and design specifically trigger the right emotional response with the intended target audience of a dentist (women – as they make over 90% of all dental buying decisions).

True Impact Marketing, the leading neuromarketing research and strategy firm, has conducted the largest neuroscience research study of its kind that quantifies the effectiveness of physical mail and digital advertising by way of impact on consumers’ brains. It proved that direct mail is easier to understand, far more persuasive, and more likely to drive behavior. Subsequently, Patient News contracted them to complete a predictive eye tracking study on our newsletters.

The results were tremendously positive. The educational format, layout, design, color, and content are all right on target. The selections of imagery that we incorporate into your newsletters attract the eye to key content – something that isn’t consciously processed – but which increases readers motivation to respond.

Noticeability ranked high, and – great news – complexity did not. Our newsletter content and design are optimal. Even with such rich educational content, a consumer is not overwhelmed. The newsletter offers high visual focus which will allow us to further increase response from the targeted consumer. In fact, True Impact has confirmed that our newsletter format is almost two times as effective at engaging the consumer brain as postcards.

So the next time you want to blast out a quick postcard, think again. Only Patient News truly connects you with your target market and provides all of the information you need for continuous business improvement.

The tangible elements of our newsletters drive more action. They will further establish you as an expert in your field and strengthen your position as a trusted provider. Your Account Manager will ensure that your campaigns are on target for maximum success. Give us a call or request a call back to discuss your 2016 plans and ensure your marketing strategy is primed for making this a ridiculously awesome year.

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