Is analysis paralysis impacting your dental marketing results?

Sometimes it can be hard to make decisions. In today’s world you can find opposing information about every topic and that makes it hard because we want to make the right decision. Sometimes it’s hard because we’re so busy and we simply don’t have time to deal with what we control freaks think we must be involved with. Or it can be hard because we haven’t been empowered to make the decision and we’re waiting on someone else.

I think this is an important topic to review because when there is a lack of decision making or slow decision making in a business environment, not only will the business potential be negatively impacted, but it can also put business security and jobs at risk. According to a 2015 Forbes article on leadership, there are five things we can do to avoid paralysis in doing.

1. Set a kill date. At some point you will have as much information as you need to make a high-level decision. As a client, when you or your team can’t or don’t respond to your Patient News Account Manager on time, it doesn’t just delay us, it reduces your potential income. Hitting deadlines helps everything be more productive. Force yourself by setting an end date.

2. Delegate. Empowering others helps them learn, can ensure that the right decisions are being made, and helps get things done quicker. Let go and get it done! Make sure, however, that you don’t have so many people involved that a decision can’t be made. The people on your team should be confident enough to voice opinion and then follow through.

3. Take action. Don’t get lost in the details. You can always find more details or opposing statistics for every angle of a project. There is always more information to review. Step back if necessary, look at the big picture, but then take a gut hunch and get things done. Don’t get stuck.

4. There’s always a next time. Inability to make a decision is probably part perfectionism and fear of failure. That’s fair, but if you want to increase your business results, then my motto is that it’s better to keep things moving than to let projects sit still – especially when it comes to marketing. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make good business decisions based on excellent data, but once you have a good understanding and knowledge base, then get going. Marketing campaigns are living and breathing and will undergo continuous change and improvement. As long as you’re going in the right direction, worry about tweaking next time.

5. Even if you’re just walking you’re doing better than the guy on the couch. Take it one step at a time. Inaction is the deadliest ingredient for any dental practice that wants to grow. Once you have a clear understanding, you need to be faster at implementation to stay competitive.

You can eliminate analysis paralysis with Patient News. With our neighborhood newsletter campaigns, call tracking, call scoring, and marketing intelligence dashboard, you have complete 24/7 visibility to your dental marketing results allowing you to make better business decisions.

You don’t have to worry about how each inbound call is being handled and which team member of yours needs a little more training. We identify these needs for you and provide the tools your team needs to improve. You don’t have to be an expert, we take care of ongoing research and analysis to provide continuous improvement so it’s really easy for you to make the quick decisions required to keep your dental practice growing. And your Account Manager reviews everything with you at the frequency you need alleviating any analysis paralysis you might get stuck in.

By making the decision to release the worry and aggravation of marketing and rely more heavily on your Patient News Account Manager, you will have a peace of mind that you’ve never had before. And you’ll have more time to focus on the components of your dental practice that you prefer.

You know the neighborhood newsletter does just this with your target audience, the female head of household, who wants to make good decisions for her family’s dental care. The newsletter is proven to drive 70% higher new-patient response because it helps analysis paralysis by giving the reader good information about why they should choose your dental practice.

Staying competitive in the dental market landscape requires the ability to make decisions and apply continuous improvement. If you’ve been stalling on any part of your dental marketing campaigns, call your Account Manager today. We’re here to help.

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