Are Your Profits Suffering Because Listings Are Not A Part Of Your Dental Marketing Plan?

I am always amazed when I see a business that has a wrong phone number on their Google listing! Everyday existing patients and potential new patients visit your listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, Waze, and hundreds more! 

If the information on these listing sites are not correct, you are losing business. It’s that simple.

What you will learn in this blog:

  • What is a listing and why they are an essential piece of your dental marketing plan?
  • Results & success of 17,000 businesses that profit due to correct listings.
  • How accurate listings for your practice can help you succeed.

What Is A Listing?

When a potential new patient is looking for a dentist, you can bet they will do a search in Google. What appears first are the Google ads. Following those, you’ll see links to multiple dental practice sites. These are listings.


Why Listings Are An Essential Piece Of Your Dental Marketing Plan

Hundreds of listings across the web are curated with your dental practice’s information. Your practice name, address, and phone number lives on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages, TomTom, & Apple Maps … just to name a few … and there’s hundreds more! 

Check this out! A visual ranking to the top listing sites: 

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Are you sure that the 100s of online listings for your practice are synced and have your correct name, address, and phone number information?

You Must Have A Listings Strategy For Your Dental Marketing Plan. Here’s why…

Your listings affect two major aspects of your marketing results – whether or not a search engine ranks you on page one and the experience – positive or negative – of the patient who is looking for your practice. For these reasons, you cannot afford to not have a listings strategy.

Bad listings data can be likened to the flu. Just as people receive a shot each year to protect themselves from illnesses, businesses – including dental practices like yours – are wise to conduct routine checkups on their listing data. However, many of them are not doing it effectively.

If your listings are not correct across all channels, it will hurt your overall dental marketing plan and ultimately your new-patient acquisition success.


Here’s How Accurate Listings Will Help You Succeed

While all of this may sound complicated, Patient News’ listing correction services makes it easy.

Included with your WebLift package, your listings are corrected month-over-month to build search engines’ trust in the accuracy of your practice details which in turn will lead to higher and higher local search engine standings for your practice … which will make your practice stand out in contrast to your local competition.

Below is a sample report from that belongs to a current Patient News client. Our client came to us with a listings accuracy that was below the industry average. Three months later, they achieved the 86 percentile! Imagine what your practice could achieve.


Are you sure that the 100s of listings online for your practice are synced and have your correct name, address, and phone number information? If not, every day you are losing potential new patients and not gaining as you could be on your bottom line.

At Patient News, we take pride in helping thousands of dentists stand out and grow! Let us change your currently unmonitored listings so that they are cleaned up and consistent with no mistakes, building trust with search engines and ever-so-importantly helping new patients find you first!

Contact us today for more information on our leading-edge listings service that will make your practice stand out!

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