Getting more from existing patients -

If we’ve learned anything in our 20 years as entrepreneurs, business managers, and dental marketing experts, it’s that most business challenges can be solved by better communication.

The number-one issue for many of our clients over the past couple of years has been patient acquisition. And no wonder, according to a 2011 Levin Group study, the average number of new patients per month has decreased by 8.6%, and a nationwide survey revealed that the overall dental industry is down by 5%. This could be from a change in marketing mix from traditional tools to perceived lower-cost less-effective media. Or could it be because of increased competition and existing patients not remaining loyal?

But maybe it’s not that patients are not loyal. Less than 40% of US adults have been to any dentist in the past twelve months. Even when they have insurance coverage available, they simply don’t understand why it’s so important. That’s where your good old traditional patient newsletter can have a huge impact.

There has been a lot of innovation. Both print and email newsletter campaigns will keep you in open dialogue with your patients. Plus the newsletter format provides the space to expand and create ongoing strong and compelling content that reminds patients why they chose your practice in the first place, and why they must keep coming back. Our most successful clients have never missed an issue of their patient newsletter!

Take advantage of our unlimited FREE customer support and call for a consultation to talk through your practice challenges. Could you strengthen patient loyalty, reactivate more patients, and increase referrals? We have print and e-solutions to help with all retention issues. Do you want more patient love?

It really boils down to top-of-mind awareness. Check your charts. What percentage of patients-of-record has visited your practice within the last 12 months?

What happens when you play that trend forward? A typical practice loses 20-30% of patients each year through naturally occurring attrition. Stopping erosion isn’t rocket science. Provide patients value and great customer service and improve your communication plan outside of your practice and patients will appreciate you and the effort you’re making. You will increase elective services. You will increase patient satisfaction. You will increase referrals. You will improve reactivations. Educated consumers buy more. Educated patients spend more.

When you’re working on your patient communication plan, you’ll want to identify the ideal mix of touch points to ensure your practice stays top of mind. Your newsletter outreach is extremely positive and welcomed. Of 80,000 patients surveyed, 85% enjoy receiving and reading their patient newsletter. For value-added content like this, the best results come quarterly by mail and monthly by email. When you reach out to existing patients, consistently and over time, you will create more awareness and increase revenue.

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