Are Your Best Lead Sources Revealing The REAL truth?

At Patient News, we provide Call Tracking and Scoring services for all marketing mediums. That includes online (the web, PPC, social) and offline (direct mail, billboard, display ads). Where this becomes interesting is the attribution of leads.  Incoming calls from a lead source have to be the definitive measurement – or are they?

I have had some conversations recently, where clients enthusiastically highlighted their website as the number one lead source. Their website included the latest strategies for conversion, including video, forms, and drip campaigns – not to mention the hefty price tag paid to their developers. They are astute marketers, so they are reviewing search traffic.

They would like to believe that everyone who discovered their site was from a keywords search. Herein lies the problem. Following investigation, some of these websites do not appear on page one in any organic searches, let alone page 2.

These prospective patients were entering “branded keywords” such as the practice name. In other words, they already knew you and have gone online to get your phone number or do more research about your practice. They may have been referred by a friend, noticed your signage, or received a direct mail piece. These particular visitors have “looked you up” and called from the number provided on your website.

Where then do you attribute the lead source?

The front desk can assist by asking all new inquiries, where they heard of your services, but as you know, the accuracy of this information is sometimes in question. One solution we find helpful is reviewing website traffic following marketing campaigns. We have had clients report a 100% increase in traffic the week the neighborhood newsletter was delivered to homes and a 90% increase in monthly traffic when compared to previous year.

We can also geo-plot your new patients and compare their addresses to your other campaigns. If you are running a direct mail program and we find an address match with a new patient that has been mailed to, there is a high likelihood that the website visit is attributed to direct mail (contrary to what your web and SEO providers may be telling you).

To wrap this up, consumers today want to gather information on their own and they know they can find it on the Internet. That’s where direct mail can be used to tell people exactly where that information is located. A mailing that points someone to exactly the information they want can be a vital component to the success of your marketing mix.

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