Top 5 Ways To Strengthen Patient Loyalty

Build relationships & boost profits with these dental marketing tips

Just like in any business, it’s critical you and your team make your customers (in your case, patients) feel welcome and that you provide exceptional customer service. If not, they will drop you … because let’s face it, they have other options in their neighborhood.

To secure a patient for life, you must build loyalty through trust.

When it comes to doctor-patient relationships, a study published in the British Journal of General Practice revealed “the creation of a bond is something patients care about.”

And if you don’t succeed at that, your patients will look at you as “just another dentist.”

According to research, the top reason patients leave a dental practice is because of poor customer service and perceived indifference.

So … how do you ensure that patients keep coming back to your practice? Incorporate these dental practice marketing must-haves in your overall strategy to be the dentist they trust and love.

Dental Practice Marketing Tip #1 – Start With Tried & True Patient Newsletters

With 100% reach, well-executed direct mail campaigns remain the most effective way to connect with prospective patients and raise awareness of your brand. And with targeted newsletters, you focus your efforts on acquiring the most ideal patients – the ones who will accept treatment, return, and refer others in your neighborhood.

Why is direct mail effective?

  • Physical printed media requires 20% less cognitive load to process, resulting in higher brand recall.
  • The motivational response to physical media is 20% higher than with digital (though digital marketing still plays an important role in your dental marketing mix).
  • Along with ease of understanding and a higher motivational response, people process direct mail faster than other forms of advertising.

*Note: All data from A Bias For Action, a neuroscience study.

Dental Practice Marketing Tip #2 – Get In Their Inbox & Give Them Value

A monthly email will engage your patients and ultimately increase referrals. When those emails contain value (e.g. oral health tips, end-of-year insurance reminders, product promotions, etc.), you show patients that you care about them, and in turn, they show reciprocity with every return visit.

Did you know … A staggering 80% of businesspeople say email marketing improves customer retention, according to a 2018 study by Emarsys. And about 6 out of 10 marketers believe email is their top source of ROI.


    Dental Practice Marketing Tip #3 – Run Referral & Reactivation Campaigns

    Do you know what it is that your current patients love about your practice and what they wish you’d change? If not, get a firm grasp on this by distributing a patient survey. When you recognize their likes and wants, patients will understand and appreciate that their opinion matters. This builds loyalty.

    Are your happy patients spreading the word? Many positive online reviews will drive more new-patient calls, but so will in-person referrals from the loyal patients you already have. Since it takes 24-50 new patients per month to achieve sustainable growth, you must put this on your dental practice marketing checklist.

    You can jumpstart this process with…

    • Patient referral cards. They are an easy way for your patients to refer their family, friends, or co-workers to your practice. All they have to do is hand them out! Your card should include a short message to the reader along with vital contact details (phone number, location, website address).
    • Post signage in your office that clearly communicates that you want to see more patients who are just like the great ones you already have.

    Dental Practice Marketing Tip #4 – Scheduling & Loyalty Campaigns

    Once you’ve turned prospects into patients… You’ll want to stay in touch with a patient newsletter every other month by mail or email. It’s a small financial investment that will pay massive dividends. The average patient’s annual value is $1,000. When you factor in that most households have at least two people, that’s $2,000 per year. Not only do you stand to gain big bucks, you’ll also build and strengthen your patient relationships with this value-added service.

    Bonus – Other loyalty-boosting ideas… Stay in touch between visits through social media and mail postcard invites to promote all special events your practice is hosting. Try an Invisalign Open House…

    Dental Practice Marketing Tip #5 – Get Help From The Pros!

    Running a successful practice already keeps you on your toes. You want to keep your focus on dentistry and providing patients excellent care, so reach out to a trusted dental practice marketing agency to improve retention and generate more quality, high-value patients every month.

    Patient News’ team of marketing experts is right here and ready to do it all for you, from launching your dental practice marketing campaign to monitoring it, to tweaking what’s in place … all for maximum ROI.

    We’ll provide you a customized plan that brings you more new ideal patients – and keeps them coming back every six months or more.

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