Being Polite Doesn’t Equal More Patient Visits

Generating Patient Satisfaction & Engagement Takes Skill & Understanding

We are all losing potential new business at the first phone call. 100% of companies are. It’s not that the people who answer the calls aren’t necessarily being polite … but without constant training, focus, and understanding of what each call represents, opportunities can be underestimated and lost. Do you know how many new-patient calls are converted to appointments at your practice? Because it’s the rate at which we are losing opportunities that matters … and it’s that rate that we can impact.

We’ve all heard that up to 50% of new patients are lost at the front desk, and now that we’re analyzing results, I can tell you we have clients that convert 90% or more of the calls, and some offices that struggle to hit 30%. And we get so frustrated on your behalf … we know that each lost opportunity costs the practice thousands of dollars.

Telephone training, scripts to overcome objections, and rules for call handling can make a huge difference. Sales and marketing success doesn’t just happen. Time, effort, and constant review and analysis are critical to ongoing success. Your business is really important to us, and it’s also important that we help you produce the results you want. With a team that understands and has the skills required, your results will improve, now and into the future.

Here’s a link to an interesting article on customer engagement by Ernan Roman (voice-of-customer guru):

If you’re not tracking calls and reviewing results … take advantage of our leading-edge telephone training program that can benefit your practice. Ask your Patient News Account Manager for details.

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