Best Dental Marketing Strategies to Double Your New Patients

Because they drive 70% more calls than static mailers, choosing direct mail newsletters in your practice neighborhood is one of your best dental marketing strategies for doubling new patient volumes; however, the best dental marketing strategy must incorporate all top practice success drivers.

Below I’ve outlined the key practice success drivers, and there’s no time like the present to review them and maximize what they are doing to help your dental practice. As a Patient News client, you recognize that direct mail is proven to drive the best overall dental marketing results for your practice. Study after research study repeatedly verifies it. In addition, you recognize that NOT all direct mail is the same. No matter what you call it – a dental flyer, a dental brochure, or a dental advertising mailer – your four-page DENTAL NEWSLETTER format, featuring value-added educational content is the real winner. Your customized newsletters drive 70% higher call volume than postcards, particularly when strategically targeted, designed, and executed.

Right now is the time to ensure your dental marketing strategy is covered from top to bottom. The holiday season is rapidly approaching and practice hours are going to change, staff will be off, and patients will shift their focus to other priorities. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that your next area drops are ready to hit in November, and approved for distribution at the end of December … so your practice inbound calls don’t dry up early in January. Maintaining a consistent mailing frequency to the right area at the right volume is key now.

So, when it comes to doubling your new patient flow, you need to implement the best and proven dental marketing strategies to increase your traffic, phone calls, leads, and clients.

Here are a few critical areas that every dentist must address:

1. Define your vision and goals: Specific and measurable objectives that are always actionable give your team the focus they need to support you in your efforts.

2. Understand your target market: Know where your rivals are and how to attract your ideal patient. When consumers think that all dentists are the same, you must know how to stand out, and this includes reach and frequency.

3. Know your buyer: Likeability, trust, quality, and convenience are priorities for the female head of household (who makes over 90% of all buying decisions).

4. Build a team of practice ambassadors: Employee engagement, effort, and focus link directly to the increased success of your dental practice.

5. Follow an effective marketing process: Basic marketing isn’t good enough. Research, strategy, delivery, and measurement of your multi-channel planwill drive continuous improvement.

6. Build trust: 50% of adults avoid dentistry, and less than 10% trust their dentist. Effective messaging through patient education will drive action … resulting in a positive response.

7. Track & analyze your results: You need more than a mystery caller to get the business intelligence analytics that you need to identify the results, trends, and opportunities that drive good decision-making and practice growth. Make sure you’re up to date on the analytics in your Marketing Performance Dashboard.

The dental marketing world is changing in incredible ways and we’re proud to be working with your practice and team to help you win in today’s market.

When your practice embraces the right strategy, tools, and methods, and you’re following your Account Manager’s guidance to implement your marketing program in a way that’s better, faster and more effective than your competitors, there’s no doubt you’ll be incrementally improving your results and increasing practice revenue and practice security over time. Don’t let your marketing results slip. It’s the beginning of November so you should have the content and targets for your November, December, and January mailings nailed down – including patient holiday greetings and your neighborhood newsletter. Just like you, our teams will be taking holidays so if we can have your campaigns booked in the queue early we can keep all campaigns on time. Talk to your Account Manager to ensure that your campaigns are all taken care of and then you can relax and enjoy your own holiday schedule!

We’re always happy to work with you to complete a marketing health check and an area analysis to ensure you have the best dental market strategies in place.

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