Best Dental Marketing Strategies To Double Your Traffic

To get the best results from marketing your dental practice, you need to use only the best dental marketing strategies. Most dentists typically use traditional advertising and a bit of new media marketing.

Direct mail is proven to drive the best overall results for a dental practice. The numbers prove it over and over. The best and proven dentist marketing strategies, including patient newsletters, can help double if not triple your traffic, phone calls, leads and clients, when conducted with a thorough knowledge of your practice demographics.

Some supportive dental marketing methods also include:

1. Social Media Marketing

If you do not have a Facebook business page, now is the right time to get one. Using effective social media marketing techniques, including great social content, can help strengthen patient relationships. The key to this is essential and timely audience engagement with fun posts. Always remember people use social media for entertainment.

2. Loyalty Cards

Exceptional customer service can also double your dental marketing success. Your patients are the lifeblood of a dental practice and should be treated with special care. The number-one reason that consumers stop doing business with a company or service is “perceived indifference.” Do you contact your patients outside of their visits to your practice? Outside of the occasional appointment reminder? One of the best dental marketing strategies is regular contact with existing patients. Loyalty gift cards are a great way to show you care. These can promote any service while thanking patients for their business and their referrals.

For 2014, consider what your best dental marketing strategies will be in order to double your traffic. You’ll be amazed at what a few basic options can do for your success.

Call anytime to book a free dental marketing consultation. For more than 20 years we’ve been providing research based results driven marketing that has touched more than 100 million consumers. You can count on Patient News for relevant dental marketing advice.

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