Boost Your Dental Marketing Results With Little Effort

Leveraging our marketing materials to improve patient communications is a good thing. Enjoyed by patients and team members alike, your newsletters reinforce your brand attributes and they’re welcomed and valued. Maximize your marketing investment by finding creative ways to share your newsletters with more people who can benefit from them. Did you know that you can order “office copies” of every newsletter mailing for internal office distribution? At 50¢ per reader, it’s well worth the effort to share.

Let’s say you have a team of 10 and you want to give each person 5 copies to hand out. That’s an investment of $25.00. If just one of the people they share your newsletter with becomes a new patient, your first-year revenue from that patient is expected to be somewhere between $700-$1500 … possibly double or triple that depending on how many patients you usually generate per household (average is 2.3). So … doesn’t it make sense to get your team involved in sharing your beautiful newsletters? It’s a no-brainer.

There is one important note about culture. If you have folks on your team that say they aren’t interested in your marketing and that it has nothing to do with them, they’re wrong. We’ve had to deal with this over the years at Patient News and eventually you have to come to the realization that it’s just not acceptable. Every employee is only employed because of the company, its values, and its marketing results. Without a steady flow of new patients, everyone’s job and income is in jeopardy. So, if you don’t have a full team of loyal ambassadors, it’s probably time to get your hands a little dirty. As a leader, if you’ve allowed members of your team to disengage from company PR, then you likely have a culture issue that is impacting overall practice productivity. I guarantee if you take action, those who are fully engaged will thank you after all is said and done and will work even harder than before.

So, your team is as true to your brand message as the message in your marketing campaigns, and they want to be part of your success. According to an article by J.F. Marshall posted on, fewer than 50% of employees believe in their company’s brand idea … and even less are actually equipped to deliver on it. He says that brand positions that staff can deliver are the only ones that really work. Through the creative development process of your newsletter campaigns, we’ve helped uncover your most important brand attributes and the top services and benefits you want to share with patients – and we’ve created copy that is easily accessible and can be used as talking points for your teams.

Your employees are connected. They know people who live around your practice and who need your services. They post, comment, and share. By giving them copies of your newsletter, you’re providing a tangible and valuable item to share with family and friends. And it always helps to add an incentive to the plan … there’s nothing wrong with a new Coach bag or dinner-for-two for the person who attracts the most new patients. Acknowledgement works. When you hear a staff member talking up your print materials and encouraging a patient to refer, give a reward like a gas card or movie tickets.

Again … remember the value of every new patient. They bring in their family members, they refer, and most patients stay with their dentist for 7-10 years. One general dental patient alone is worth at least $5,000 to a practice, plus referrals. Don’t skimp on your acquisition investments.

So back to those office copies you can take advantage of … order at least 25-50 per edition depending on how many team members you have and let’s get those enthusiastic team members having some fun with it!

Because of the newsletter format, with fresh educational content each month – and a new recipe – handing your newsletters out is not like handing out the same old boring office brochure. These bring value-added information to friends, family, and neighbors.

  • You always receive a display stand with your first order to make extra copies readily available at your front desk – make use of it. Encourage patients to take a copy to share.
  • If you have referring doctors who will display your newsletter, we’ll send another stand to make it easy for you to share your message.
  • We read our newsletters and blogs at our weekly huddles and this encourages discussion and learning. Use your newsletters to do the same. This will ensure everyone on your team understands the practice attributes and can confidently speak of services and dentist credentials.
  • Everyone on your team, including the dentist’s family, should share the newsletters at businesses they frequent, their favorite lunch spot, and local salons and banks. You get the idea.
  • Order a larger quantity if you’re speaking at a local school, have a wedding show, or other event.

Your team will probably also have lots of ideas for ways to leverage your newsletters. Post up a whiteboard for everyone to jot their ideas on and then review at your weekly huddle. Talk about new content and share successes and ways your newsletter has come in handy. Here’s to your successful internal referral 

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