Call Scoring Puts Laser Focus On Improving

Evaluating our key performance indicators shows us how close we are to achieving our business objectives. And just like annual revenues and patient numbers, metrics should be the foundation of any performance improvement strategy. Each department should have their own goals and be tracking towards them. You likely have daily production goals, the “just one more” program and weekly collection objectives – similarly key performance measures should be in place for front desk call handling.

When we have an opportunity to delve into how stellar team members get the job done while others struggle or come in a little lower, it allows for process improvement and more focused training. It’s widely accepted that most dental practices lose up to 50% of new patients at their front desk.

Call scoring provides endless benefits including improved customer servicing, increased patient satisfaction and compliance, reallocation of labor, operational improvements, process efficiency, and ultimately – more new patients!

Imagine if you captured every interaction between new patients and your practice. Had real time 24/7 visibility on your conversion rates. It would allow you and your office manager to pinpoint efficiencies and best practices and also identify deficits and areas for improvement. Call scoring gives you qualitative, not anecdotal, evidence of who, where, and why your team is performing (or not).

Team Training

Engage your team and allow them to listen to their own calls. This gives them a truly objective view of how they may have failed to meet expectations on one call and excelled on another. To hear how a patient responded to what was said, or how they could improve their listening skills and better serve patients. This is an awesome tool for both self-improvement and team improvement.

Here at PNP we run one-on-one coaching with individuals, and we also listen to calls as a group. This strengthens team understanding, rapport, and helps everyone up their game when it comes to our customer servicing.

Call scoring allows business managers to measure team knowledge, introduce the tone, language, and messaging reflective of their practice, gauge script adherence and ensure that best practice techniques are being used in the most professional and engaging manner. And most importantly, it allows managers to track and reward progress. Call scoring cultivates an environment of learning and improvement which leads to a more effective team and greater customer satisfaction.

Our Marketing Performance Dashboard doesn’t just leave you hanging with the data. You also have access to our complete patient acquisition training system (Phone Power) that has been developed by the industry’s leading authorities on dental call handling.

Phone Power works in conjunction with our call scoring grading system so that your team understands the critical elements of every new patient phone call and how to handle them. Each training module is intricately connected to the scored criteria providing you with a comprehensive performance improvement system. Our Phone Power system – the manuals, collateral, and video series – are available to your team to be used at your convenience at any time (and multiple times) throughout your acquisition campaign.

Operational Adjustments

The importance of every client interaction cannot be overlooked and here’s an example of what the Marketing Performance Dashboardrevealed to one of our clients.

Of 227 scored calls, 91 resulted in at least one appointment. That’s a conversion rate on live calls of 51% (we’re working on this with Phone Power). Unfortunately, in addition, 21% of inbound calls were going to voice mail, occurring mostly on Saturdays. Now you might think a new patient will leave a message, but most do not. When we apply their average conversion rate of 51%, this equaled a missed opportunity of at least 24 additional new patients. Without access to this information, the client may not have been aware of this critical servicing gap and would not have been able to react and make operational improvements.


There’s so much more to tell you about call scoring and our Marketing Performance Dashboard benefits, but for now I’ll leave you with a suggestion to call your Account Manager to schedule a demo to get a better understanding of how our Marketing Performance Dashboard can help your practice.

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