Celebrate Good Times C’Mon

We can all get caught up in the daily grind of business responsibilities. Business owners have significant responsibilities to deliver for teams and clients, and team members have significant responsibilities to deliver to managers and clients. We have repetitive tasks that can be boring, new technologies to embrace, new and lingering project pressures, and demanding clients and colleagues. That sometimes leads us to neglect recognizing our wins with a thank you … or a smile.

It’s no different at Patient News – well actually, it is different at Patient News. Things don’t always flow perfectly, and we all have off days … but our core values include our dedication to saying thank you to our team. We do that by making sure we have an awesome workplace and we celebrate our accomplishments often.

Here are a few things that we do at PNP to make it a rawkin’ dental marketing agency with a team of positive people that we know you just love working with.

  • We follow the Fish! Philosophy.
  • We hold potluck lunches and team driven BBQs.
  • We highlight a stellar employee each month (with a bonus vacation day & front door parking).
  • We select an employee of the year (who wins a fabulous weeklong destination vacation).
  • We save our team hundreds of dollars in Starbucks and Tim Horton’s with free coffee, tea etc.
  • We provide a selection of whole fresh fruit each week.
  • We have a sand volleyball court for summer (and snowy) fun.
  • We have a dock and paddleboat, and the local dragon boat team even docks with us.
  • We hold a company summer party at one of the owners’ cottages where our social committee organizes team shenanigans, delicious dinners, and spouses join in.
  • We have a social committee – who surprise and delight everyone with regular treats and fun.
  • We celebrate the holiday season with a gala event for our team and their spouses.
  • We create logos and themes for all of our events to support our philosophies: choose a positive attitude, remember to play, be present, and make someone’s day; and our core values: excellence in innovation and product quality, service with honesty, integrity and professionalism, our corporate culture, the environment, our workplace, and community involvement.
  • We regularly communicate our accomplishments, our upcoming goals, we our share challenges at huddles and provide continuing education all year long.
  • We’re dog friendly … as you may have noticed from our Facebook page … if you haven’t “liked” us, do it now.
  • We have a well-equipped onsite gym with a variety of classes.
  • We take photos of everything so we can post them and share our memories at future events.
  • Extended vacation time starts at 3 weeks and averages 4-5 weeks for our tenured team.
  • 5-year employees receive a personalized watch and those at ten-years get something better. Holly Patrick, our Product Manager will be celebrating 20 years in 2017 … not sure what’s on the plate for that one yet!
  • And we’re doing great work. We’re helping educate consumers across North America about the value of their oral health. We LOVE what we do!

This goofy video was created 6 years ago so it’s “a little” out of date but so many people had a laugh that I’m dusting it off for this blog post. That’s me with President, Karen Galley and Director of Sales, Jon Petrie (tall guy). WOW how time flies … now our average staff tenure is approaching 9 years. That’s pretty awesome and a good reason to celebrate.

Have some fun this long holiday weekend celebrating your awesomeness!

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