Choosing The Right Attitude Increases Dental Marketing Results

Having the right attitude, from leadership to frontline customer interaction, will make or break the success you can experience. At Patient News we stumbled upon The Fish! Philosophy almost 15 years ago and now we reference the philosophy in team training, personal development – even on our website! The four tenets have really become engrained in our day-to-day functions.

Are your dental marketing results not exactly where you’d like them to be? Is your practice not growing at the pace you want? Take a look around – maybe even in the mirror. As we listen to more and more of our clients’ inbound calls, I cannot begin to emphasize how important a positive business attitude is to your team’s ability and effectiveness in dealing with patients and prospective patients.

Listen to your recorded inbound marketing calls. Dedicate just an hour to listen to a few calls because you might be surprised what patients are hearing. What’s scary is that what’s happening on those calls is happening on all of your calls. And you might have to be brutally honest – if someone is answering your phone who shouldn’t be answering your phone, then you need to redirect their skillset.

As a business owner, you have made a commitment to improve production and grow your business. But it takes more than the latest technology, education, and location. Practices that recruit positive team members and train them to provide amazing service coincidentally get the best results! You can have the type of culture and environment that patients and staff want to come back to again and again.

Start with the right attitude… Someone said hire for attitude, train for the job. Got existing grumps on your team? Remind them that attitude is a choice. Each one of us has stuff going on in our personal lives, but it is our responsibility to show up with the best possible attitude and enthusiasm. It’s amazing how great you actually end up feeling when you choose to have a great day and choose to make other people’s day go well as well.

Smile – If people can hear you smile on the telephone, imagine what it does in person. There are studies that show that even fake smiles can boost your mood, reduce your stress, and make you happier.

Two Ears One Mouth – If you’re listening only to figure out what to say next, then you’re not really listening. Good listening skills can lead to better client satisfaction and fewer mistakes, in fact, studies have shown that speaking raises blood pressure and listening brings it down.

Talk to your Account Manager about your telephone performance scores and brainstorm tactics to improve your call conversion rates. You have FREE unlimited access to them to assist you. In the meantime, check out the Fish! Philosophy … the tenets are great ones!

  • Choose your attitude – You’ll energize everyone around you.
  • Play – We can be serious about our work, but never ourselves, have fun.
  • Be Present – Focus on your primary interaction. It always makes the other person feel better.
  • Make Someone’s Day – This can be a surprising source of satisfaction and happiness for you.
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