Coming Up With “Content”

For your newsletters, emails, and social sites

The foundation of any successful marketing strategy is to have solid content that is relevant and interesting. If you have a web presence, or you’re considering Facebook, content will be a key area to continually supplement.

Creating, obtaining, sourcing, and sharing content that you like and want representing your practice is a big challenge. Maybe you feel you already have content … “I have content, but how are we going to use that content? What kind of content do we need? Where can we get content that is relevant to my business? Do we have to create all our own content? Whose content can we share…” The need for content creation is the biggest time-consuming activity and biggest stressor for all business marketers.

And it’s certainly creating a lot of buzz … what’s your content strategy, should you appoint a chief content officer, should you hire a content strategist...

Content development is nothing new so don’t get in a tizzy. It’s what you hired us to do for your patient newsletters, direct mailers, email newsletters, brochures, patient surveys, referral programs, or other campaigns. For the past twenty years we’ve been providing dentists like you with top-quality, well-written doctor-to-patient content. Why should social media content be any different?

Keep in mind that each channel requires a slightly content different approach. Nail down your marketing strategy as the foundational step, then identify content needs. In order to build a solid social presence and following – and to help manage the serious time commitment it takes to be in the social realm – hire support.

Most professional firms restrict content on their sites to professional news, and it definitely is important to have professional dental- and practice-related content available … but it’s equally important to include entertaining content that engages your users via your blog and on your Facebook page. People visit social sites for entertainment and fun and they absolutely DO NOT want to be marketed to.

This means developing content that is timely, accurate, relevant, thoughtful, unpredictable, informative –funny. The same old content can get stale, losing the patient engagement you were after in the first place.

A practice blog is an ideal solution for this kind of regular content. The question is: where do you come up with fresh ways to accomplish that every week (or at least twice a month)? Often dentists do not set up blogs because they find the idea of creating regular content very daunting. I just took a look at a handful of Patient News clients. Most have a website, but not many have a practice blog post – and if there was a blog the last post might have been dated in 2009 … yikes! Remember, when patients receive a direct mail piece it drives them to more than just your phone: two thirds will check you out online, so make sure your content is up to date. We know that it takes major dedication to keep your blog updated (as I can attest, posting my September 1st blog on the 4th), but your Patient News Account Manager can help!

Several clients have set up a Facebook page, but haven’t posted anything besides their map. A start, and it will make it that much easier to get rolling once you source good content. Several clients are doing a great job on Facebook … check out Dr. Robert Steppler, Dr. Arthur Natvig, and Dr. Afshin Azimi … to name a few.

If you need help to set up your Facebook business page, you’ll find easy-to-follow details in the Facebook Help Center. Make sure that the business owner sets up their personal page and links the business page to it.

For more information about social media content please call 888.377.2404 Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 6:00pm EST, and your call will be answered live. All messages will be returned within one business day.

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