Dental Flyers & Newsletters Can Grow Your Dental Practice

The vast majority of dental offices are seeing alarming declines in patient numbers. This may be caused by changes to the healthcare scene, the tenuous economic situation, or the powerful fear that many adults have of dental procedures. Regardless of the cause, it’s time for dentists to start getting the word out: dental health is a human necessity, and it’s relatively easy to secure.

There are plenty of marketing tactics for dentists to use to boost patient attendance, but dental flyers may be the most effective. The “flyer” has come a long way in the marketing world, and a professional marketing team like Patient News can help dentists create informational, eye-catching, and compelling direct mail dental newsletters that will result in increased business.

But Aren’t Flyers an Outdated Marketing Tactic?

One of the concerns that many dentists have when it comes to direct mail marketing is the effectiveness of the campaign in general. There’s a misconception that printed advertising is a dead end road. True, there have been incredible developments in online advertising strategies, such as email campaigns, social media networking, and marketing, blogging, and website optimization. While the effectiveness of these strategies cannot be discounted, they in no way compare to the effectiveness of direct mail – and specifically for dentists – dental newsletters or dental flyers. In fact, numerous marketing studies and assessments confirm that online advertising activity is actually boosted due to the effectiveness – and 100% reach – of print campaigns.

Consider the average consumer today. He or she can’t log onto a social network, visit a website, or read a blog without sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of brand advertisements vying for consumer attention. All of this advertising noise starts to run together in the online world, especially one where the consumer is using the channel for entertainment, not healthcare selection. A printed dental flyer is the most effective solution.

Putting a physical object into the hands of consumers guarantees their attention, even if for a very brief period of time. 80% of consumers who make the buying decisions in their households have said they are also responsible for collecting the mail. 80% of those individuals admit to sorting the delivered mail immediately after it’s collected.

A dentist who works with a marketing agency specializing in dental flyers design can get personalized one-on-one contact with potential patients. That’s why dental newsletters are so effective.

Newsletters vs. Flyers

The word “flyer” often conjures an image of a garish, ad-heavy shouting match between a business and the consumer population. The new wave of dental flyers could more aptly be called dental newsletters. Essentially, these dental flyers are filled not with obnoxious fonts commanding the consumer to make a purchase, but with valuable information, stylish presentation, and compelling reasons to schedule a dental exam.

Another compelling fact of direct mail dental marketing is the primary target market. Women make more than 80% of all healthcare buying decisions, so it’s important to create content and messaging that will resonate with this reader.

Consumers value information in the marketing world, particularly women as the primary researchers for their families. They don’t want to be told to buy something, they want to be educated in order to make the best decisions for their families. Information is the best way to accomplish this. Dental flyer design that emphasizes high-quality, engaging, and interesting information will compel the reader to evaluate their dental health. Newsletters communicate authority, professionalism, and value. They show the consumer that a dental practice cares, not about profits, but about preserving and perfecting a smile.

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