Dental Marketing For Growth In 2018

Dental marketing ideas – best of 2017

As I sat down today to write my blog for December 20th, I wasn’t sure what the topic should be. A holiday message? A look at what’s to come in 2018? Or a reflection of the year we’re closing?

Let me tell you, writing a blog is hard. Finding inspiration for what to write is one thing; writing things that you like to read is another! So, I had my team pull up which blog topics got the most attention in 2017. No surprise here: attract more new patients, tips for practice growth, and mistakes to avoid. These are topics we all care about every year for our business and this quote from Richard Branson caught my attention … and it should catch yours.

“No matter how great your product or service is, no one will hear about it if you don’t attract attention – it’s that simple.”

We’re here to help your practice attract the attention you need to secure your market share and grow your production. It’s our motto to help you Stand Out & Grow. To do this most effectively, a dental practice must have consistent awareness in the households surrounding its physical location as well as a great presence online (for when consumers have a need or are looking for more information about you after receiving a direct mail piece)!

In Dental Marketing Ideas: How to Attract New Patients, we share insights about the steps a practice management team can take to create a vision – specific to creating an effective marketing strategy. Have you ever completed a SWOT analysis for your practice? This doesn’t require professional assistance; you and your team know your practice the best. Block 2 hours in your schedule to brainstorm together and list everything (no idea or thought is a bad one), both anecdotal and qualitative, that might fall under each of two buckets (internal / external) and four quadrants; INTERNAL – Strengths & Weaknesses, EXTERNAL – Opportunities & Threats.


In Timeless Tips for Practice Growth, we share insights from an industry study that revealed that dentists are at higher than ever risk of losing patients. Why is this so important for us to share? Because we can help. If the industry is projecting that patient attrition is expected to double in coming years, you can protect your practice security and your future security and comfort by helping you own your neighborhood market. Talk to your Account Manager and have your current patient base analyzed. You need to understand what you have now and how much additional opportunity is available so you can put a dental marketing strategy in place that will not only hold your ground, but also help you increase your market share and continue to experience practice stability and growth. What would it mean to you to know that 25% of your active patient base comes from one market sector, but you only own 5% of the opportunity there? It would mean that you could make a decision to get busy building awareness and attracting more of those households to join your practice.

Trust is the biggest thing a dental practice needs to build within their target market.

In Dental Marketing Mistakes You Need To Watch Out For, we list the top five mistakes we see dental offices make all the time. These dental marketing blunders are avoidable actions that unfortunately lead a practice to retraction, production dips and even loss of market share. Inconsistent marketing and pulling the plug on campaigns before they can get off the ground is one of the worst things a dental practice can do. Jumping from supplier to supplier, and adjusting brand image and messaging can cause consumer confusion which can lead to lack of trust. And trust is the biggest thing a dental practice needs to build within their target market. Reaching into distant markets, not supporting or training staff to properly prioritize new-patient calls, anecdotal tracking versus using available business intelligence and analytics can all lead to ineffective practice management and decision-making that will lead to production decline.

I recommend you schedule a strategy session with your Account Manager now. Your 2018 dental marketing strategy needs to encompass your vision for your practice future (and not just next year), your goals both immediate and long-term, your budgets and how they will be allocated for practice enhancement, patient communications, internal resources, marketing, and more, your team and how they will participate, and the marketing campaigns – both online and off – needed to support your vision and goals.

Now is the time to put a cohesive dental marketing strategy in place for the new year. We can help:

  • Pull your practice image into one cohesive differentiated image both online and off
  • Attract more new dental patients
  • Retain existing dental patients
  • Reactivate lapsing patients
  • Convert more new patient calls and improve customer service
  • Improve practice performance by uncovering the business intelligence you need for growth.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season! We’re here to ensure you have the right strategies in place for 2018 so you can do just that! Cheers!

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