Dental Marketing Ideas With The Power Of Positive

The greatest dental marketing ideas and initiatives won't take long term effect if they are not backed by a whole lot of positive. From the leader to the team everyone has to work together with the same attitude and energy. Lure more new patients to call, ensure existing patients to return and refer by adopting a welcoming and optimistic attitude. Training, education and CHOICE will mean the difference between slagging behind, matching or blowing away last year’s numbers.

Keep in mind that your patients get to vote. Everyone is reviewing your practice, from their first interaction, first phone call and first visit and one sour experience can add up to a poor review or two that will definitely present at the top of Google search. A couple of months ago Brian Tracy, success trainer and author, posted a blog about the importance of thinking positive thoughts all day long. Last weekend I was reminded just how important this is - and it really is a choice we all make day in day out. It’s not just going to benefit us, it will benefit those we interact with every day.

The fact is, we can DECIDE TO BE HAPPY. And if you and your team are happy this will make for more happy patients and a more successful practice.

We all work in stressful environments or have stressful situations in our lives, and that’s when it’s even more important to choose our thoughts and try to maintain an optimistic attitude. Having gratitude for the little things rather looking at the negatives really helps. Are you aware of that someone who always seems to have a complaint, maybe even to the point where you want to avoid them … or are you that someone that others avoid?

Tracy says that the power of positive thinking and developing a positive attitude are two of the most important qualities a person can have to change their life.

According to Tracy, when we think and talk about what we want and how to get it, we feel happier and in greater control of our life – happy thoughts release endorphins that give us a general sense of wellbeing. As a result – we develop a positive attitude.

Make sure you’re bringing a positive energy to your work and personal relationships. And when life throws a curve, choose your attitude carefully … and try to look on the bright side. It’s not always easy, but with effort it can be done.

Remember that your patients have a choice. If they don't feel good when they call or visit your practice it could be your business that they avoid. That's not what anyone wants. Help everyone on your team understand the "power of positive" and embrace it as a core value. Great dental marketing ideas compounded by a great team, a positive atmosphere and caring, enthusiastic people is a winning combination.

In our most recent client survey 98% reported that they are very satisfied with the level of support provided by their Account Manager – and with the consistent flow of kudos that come in each week for each person on our front line team, I know that’s a positive. It’s always been our motto to enter our workplace with a positive attitude, one that is focused and present, ready to play and to make someone’s day. If you need a helping hand, please reach out to your Account Manager, we’re your marketing partner.

Wonder how you can turn your frown upside down? There are many resources online and is a great place to start. For more dental marketing ideas please reach out, we're available to share our 20+ years of experience at your convenience. Here’s to a happy and positive summer!

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