For The Dental Office That Wants To Grow in 2017

I know it’s early, but do you have an eye on your year-over-year revenue, profits, and new-patient numbers for 2016 versus 2015 and 2014?

Do you like what those numbers are saying?

Are you on course for an increase in 2017?

Wanna be?!!

Yes, of course. We all want to improve.

We’re here to make 2017 the year you stand out, build, and grow. Relationship marketing has never been more important to a dentist than it is today. Your relationships with existing and lapsing patients must stay strong. You need to establish relationships with prospective patients that live in your practice area. You need to make sure team relationships are positive and aligned with your vision.

1. Existing and lapsing patients need regular value-added communications to keep you front and center in their minds. People are busy. They’re not thinking about you. The minute they leave your office you’re forgotten. Keep them engaged with your practice by sharing updates and dental education monthly. We’ve found that mailing a patient newsletter every other month combined with a monthly eNewsletter works best. You never know when someone will decide to improve their smile or share your info with a friend. You must be there so they don’t find someone else. I’ve always found it frustrating that I have to be the one to find out about new treatments to improve my health and appearance. I WISH I had a healthcare professional that was proactively communicating with me.

2. Prospective patients need to get to know you. They need to know that you are the expert who can help them with their needs. And you need to be there when they have a need. We’ve found that a monthly mailing to key targeted households around your practice drives the best results. Again, if I was receiving value-added quality communications from a healthcare professional – it would definitely make them stand out in my mind and it’s likely they would get my business … or at least the chance to earn it.

3. Your dental team needs to know your practice needs growth. A new patient is not more work or another pain in the butt. You’re losing patients naturally all the time. They must be replaced. If the practice grows, team growth opportunities increase. If you book more new patients, the practice thrives and that makes the workplace so much more enjoyable. Provide consistent and regular feedback and the training and tools that support improvement. Investing in personal and professional growth for everyone goes hand in hand with success.

4. And finally – choose your partners wisely. They need to understand your vision, your goals, and the demographic you’re practicing in to ensure your strategies are on target. Building your brand requires a comprehensive approach.

B.U.I.L.D. 2017 could be your annual strategic motto. Get everyone on your team in on it.

  • BEGIN with your brand in mind (what is yours – who knows about it – who should know)
  • UNDERSTAND your numbers (and how to invest to increase profits)
  • IMPROVE tracking and analytics … to make more informed decisions
  • LISTEN to expert advice (avoid the sugar-coaters or you could be in the same position Jan 1, 2018)
  • DECIDE to grow (no more pussyfooting around)

Build stronger, more knowledgeable teams. Build a strategy that supports your goals by being as informed as you can be when making practice-building decisions.

Here’s to a solid, standout year of growth. 

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