Dental Practice Marketing – Mediocre To Excellent

I was at a strategic planning session this week and the facilitator said something that resonated.
You can be or have something that goes from…
Mediocre > OK >> Good >>> Excellent >>>>>>>>>>> Perfect (Yes, perfect is far from excellent but excellent isn’t that far from good.)
Striving for perfection is necessary for your clinical skill and patient care (well, when I think of my own dentist, hopefully you’re not striving but are delivering), and, according to Live Science, striving for perfection can be a boon to one’s health (because you stick to an exercise program) but the trait can also harm both your health and your relationships.
"You should want to be perfect across a variety of aspects of your life” said Gordon Flett, a psychology professor at York University. “It’s natural to be perfectionistic in the thing that matters most, like your job. If you’re a surgeon, there’s no room for error.” But using the same standards to judge other aspects of your life, or other people in your life, will cause stress. A study followed over 800 adults for over 6 years and revealed that those with high-perfectionism scores had a 51% increased risk of death compared to those with low scores. They speculate that high levels of stress and anxiety might contribute to the decrease in lifespan. Interestingly, of adults with diabetes, perfectionists had a 26% lower risk of death (because of the adherence to dietary rules).
I’m not sure where I would score, in some things I’m a perfectionist, sometimes not. I think I like to have a lot more fun than perfectionism allows … so … when the facilitator said that “perfect” was impossible, and we should strive to hit somewhere better than good and closing in on excellent … I liked it!
Now … how am I translating this into a message about dental practice marketing?!!
Because we can move the needle on your new patient acquisition campaigns from mediocre to over good and approaching excellent! And conversely, if you have expectations of perfection from your marketing or ad campaigns, then you’ve probably been disappointed and perhaps ineffective with your marketing campaigns – and you might recognize this in yourself. Have you flip flopped your marketing campaigns over the past few years? If you haven’t committed yourself to continuous effort and improvement, you’re revealing your imperfect self!
So listen up – clients who are following our system and using the tools and information their Account Managers are sharing are experiencing excellent results. They are able to accurately identify opportunities and are business planning with intelligence.
If you haven’t been in touch with your Account Manager recently for an update on our processes, contact them now. We have the ability to drill deeper into your analytics and key performance metrics than ever before. They will help you clearly identify how you can move the needle towards greater practice growth and security.
  • Identify your best new patient opportunities
  • Better train your frontline team to convert new patient inquiries at a higher rate
  • Apply our proven formula to attract the attention of your target audience
  • Leverage our technology so your team doesn’t miss another new patient call
  • Elevate your practice in your community so you’re the one people call first

The moral of this story: perfectionism leads to early death unless you’re a diabetic. Patient News can ease your mind and help you have more fun time … by taking your marketing campaigns from good to excellent – and continuously working toward perfect!

Make 2016 happier and healthier! Call your Account Manager today.

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