Dental Practice Marketing – Online or Direct Mail. Which is better?

Traditional market research studies show that adults of all ages prefer direct mail to digital media … and significant neuromarketing research continues to prove that direct mail has a higher impact on the consumer brain, eliciting greater response to marketing campaigns.

There really is no better way to address whether digital marketing is better than print marketing than to reference the largest neuromarketing research study of its kind, A Bias For Action. This study was conducted by True Impact Marketing with a view beyond traditional market research techniques and taps into neuromarketing research (which brings neuroscience to marketing to uncover deep-seated response drivers) to obtain an understanding of both direct mail and digital advertising’s comparative influences on the brain.

The study confirmed that direct mail is more action-oriented than digital media because its physical format stimulates the underlying mental processes that guide consumer behavior. Their paper presented these findings and outlined how brands can leverage them to get more action from their marketing.

Direct mail is…

  • easier to understand and more memorable than digital media
  • far more persuasive than digital media
  • processed more quickly visually than digital media
  • more likely to drive behavior than digital media.

Another in-depth neuroscientific study by OIG and Temple University indicated that multichannel marketing campaigns should always be anchored around direct mail.

All of these findings demonstrate the powerful role that direct mail plays in our connected world. However this does not mean that you shouldn’t also invest in a powerful online presence. It just means that a business cannot redirect their marketing dollars away from direct mail solely to a digital approach with the hopes that an exclusively online marketing strategy will save money while driving the results required for continuous growth and increased revenue. That type of business decision is likely to result in a sacrifice of overall marketing results and dip in business revenue.

Direct mail will drive more traffic to a website, review sites, and increase awareness for other marketing campaigns. And before cutting direct mail marketing efforts, don’t underestimate the source of your online traffic.

Track and score every campaign, maintain core efforts, and test different strategies. At Patient News, direct mail consistently drives the strongest ROI despite the “perceived” lesser expense of online initiatives.

Because we are consumers ourselves, we know the truth of the statement that consumers suffer from content overload. Another paper released by Canada Postand market-research consultancy Phase 5, Breaking through the Noise states that brands can break from content overload by differentiation.

That’s our specialty at Patient News. We help differentiate your dental practice so it stands out in your community. According to the study, consumers are more likely to notice and read direct mail (53%) than email (26%) because it’s tangible and more visible, and also due to their preference to read print (after being on the computer all day skimming email subject lines and content).

Is your direct mail campaign memorable? 85% of consumers will notice, open, and read direct mail if it looks interesting.

To ensure that our direct mail process was accurately on track, Patient News also partnered with True Impact to conduct an eye tracking study of our neighborhood newsletters. The study confirmed that the format of our newsletters is ideally designed to increase reader response. In fact, the neighborhood newsletters are also almost twice as likely to drive action over other direct-mail styles such as postcards and static mailers. That’s probably why our newsletters drove 70% higher new-patient call volume over postcards in a tracking study involving 6 million consumers.

With Patient News, your neighborhood newsletter certainly helps you provide an exceptional dental experience to your community while differentiating your service and ensuring you STAND OUT.

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