A Dental Practice In Your Area Is Going To Grow!

A dental practice in your area is going to grow substantially in the next year – will it be yours?

It generally takes nine touches before prospects even know you exist, but most sales efforts stop after five. You can take advantage of this and win against your dental competitors. Build awareness, retain existing patients, reactivate lapsers, and attract more new dental patients – by being proactive with your marketing and team training efforts.

There is an excellent opportunity in your market to be the dental office that grows.

Let me tell you about Drs. S & R. After 10 years located in one of the toughest markets in the country, they were beyond frustrated with the amount of competition on their heels when they called Patient News. To be honest, when we see stats like theirs we grimace.  

Their area household size 1.5 people
Dentist to household ratio is 1 dentist to 40 homes (FYI – this is ridiculously competitive).

Forty households per dentist - with just 1.5 people. Yowza, that’s a tough one.

To put this in perspective – across the country the average household size is 2.5+ and to be honest, less than 500-700 households per dentist is going to be competitive. When their area came up with just 40 homes … it flew around the office. How on earth could we make this campaign work?

We ran deep demographics and the practice was totally open to all of our advice and expertise. They were ready – their front desk team was trained and really engaged. 

Now remember, it takes 9 impressions before a prospect knows you exist. That’s why we send our direct mail pieces monthly – just keep on keeping our name in front of prospects.

Now top all these good stats off with the fact that we launched this new-patient acquisition campaign in one of the toughest months of the year – November. We expected, and the client was prepared for, a very slow start (I mean very slow). But after just two drops, they booked 18 new patients – directly from the newsletter – not including additional drop-ins, web visits, and referrals. Their team converts at 85% – unbelievably FANTASTIC.

If your practice is going to be the one in your area that will grow this year – you need a rock star front desk team. Heck, if you’re in dentistry and trying to attract patients – you must recognize the importance of professional, engaged, and trained call handlers. These folks control your success. They must be open to feedback, working on improvements, and be wholly committed to your success and practice growth.

A dental patient has a lifetime value of at least $5,000 (before referrals). That means Drs. S & R have attracted a potential minimum of $100k in revenue – directly from two newsletter drops.

So Drs. S &R are off to a great start – and guess what else? Call tracking and scoring on their Marketing Performance Dashboard (MPD) revealed that they were missing all inbound calls on Friday afternoons (approx. 20% of overall call volume). Now they can adjust operations and book even more new patients. Drs. S & R are primed for growth in 2017.

Is your practice the one that will grow in your area?

  • Do you know how many or when your practice is missing the most inbound calls?
  • Do you know the percentage of appointment conversions from calls your team is achieving?
  • Do you know which of your front desk team convert the highest and who needs help?
  • Are you confident that your advertising message is spot on for your target demographic?
  • Are you sure you’re targeting the demographic most likely to respond to your offering?

Don’t have answers to these questions? That’s exactly why you need to speak with your Patient News account representative.

Dental offices are merging and growing, competition is getting stiffer and stiffer with more and more dentists realizing they need to market in order to grow, consumers are bombarded with advertising messages daily, and corporates are popping up in every promising market.

You don’t have to lose your existing market share – and we can help your dental practice be the one that grows in your area.

Enhance your already successful practice. We offer exclusivity on our new-patient growth programs and there are households around your practice currently up for grabs.

Have your Account Representative run a deep dive on your market and identify your best opportunities for growth. Make 2017 your best year ever. 

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