Dental Telephone Training – It’s free so why aren’t you using it?!

One of the biggest concerns we hear from our dentists (outside of managing the overall practice performance metrics) is the performance of their front desk team. The most successful understand that the way the team answers the phone – how they represent the practice and convert calls into patient appointments – has implications beyond providing a relatively polite patient experience. Poor call handling can expose the entire practice to declining revenues and profits. Fewer new patients. More lapsing patients. Less profit. More job loss. Less fun. Believe me, one bad apple, without bad apple intentions, and you’ve got problems.

This ongoing dentist challenge is why we created Phone Power, the best-practice telephone training series for improved handling of inbound new-patient calls. Once we started tracking, recording, and listening to new patient inquiries, it was crystal clear that our clients needed help.

The speed at which you understand what’s really happening to your new-patient calls, then react, change and/or train will exponentially impact practice results … one way or the other.

  • Do you worry that your high-potential team members aren’t being properly developed?
  • Do you worry about newer staff who may not understand how to control calls?
  • Do you worry that your front desk team isn’t getting the ongoing feedback they need?
  • Do you worry about how to get your team the help they need in order to do a better job?
  • Do you worry that you just don’t have time to deal with all this?

We have you covered. Talk to your Account Manager about Phone Power and your call handling results on the Marketing Performance Dashboard. Even if your team has had training in the past, even if they’re currently in training, you can always pick up another tip. Our Phone Power series is based on best-in-class advice for converting a new-patient caller into an appointment. If your team is really enthusiastic, outgoing, and super-friendly, they may not need to learn about call greeting, so ask your Account Rep to direct you to the videos and scripting materials your team needs to focus in on based on their calls scores. Your Account Manager will provide the advice you and your team needs to improve your new-patient booking rates.

This isn’t all directed at you – every business that wants to succeed and grow is on top of their client communications at every touchpoint. At Patient News, we consistently listen to our own inbound calls, work on our scripts and talking points, and coach team members. Our most seasoned and top reps are always engaged, eager to learn just one more technique, and are more satisfied with Patient News as their employer when they get the help they need to improve. That might be why you enjoy talking to everyone at Patient News! We are a happy bunch – because we are trained to excel at what we do.

If you have an engaged team, I promise you your team will respond positively too!

If you’re actively engaged in new-patient marketing – with or without Patient News – you need the Marketing Performance Dashboard to track, record, and score all of your inbound calls, supported by Phone Power dental telephone training.

The comprehensive video series includes training workbooks and scripts and is FREE with your Neighborhood Newsletter (new patient) campaign and part of ourMarketing Performance Dashboard. In today’s world, instant superior customer service is a must for every dental office … take advantage of the support of your Account Representative, get your practice on the Marketing Performance Dashboard, and use Phone Power to improve your inbound call handling now. I guarantee that by using these tools – and responding to the intelligence they provide – your practice will automatically increase the number of new patients you book.

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