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Be Nice … Neighborly, Interested, Caring, & Engaging -

I heard Jon Bon Jovi on the radio last week. He was talking about his early years as a gofer at a recording studio with the likes of Mick Jagger coming through. Bon Jovi said something to the effect of … if there was one thing he really learned it was “the bigger the star the nicer person.”

This is true outside of the rock ‘n’ roll world … and it’s been overwhelmingly clear to us time and time again after 20 years in our biz … the more successful the dental practice, the nicer the owner dentist is. We have a lot of nice clients.

What’s the lesson? If we want to be successful … remain open minded, considerate, and interested. Leave our problems outside and say a pleasant hello. Don’t blame others, don’t sweat the small stuff or get angry over things that are irrelevant in the grand scheme. Look forward, ask what we can do now, leave the past behind. It’s really amazing the impact we can have on ourselves and others around us just by the way we stand tall, smile, and stay positive.

Use your newsletter and other marketing tools to help patients and prospects relate to you and your team as people. Share your philanthropic activities and other personal events. Don’t be afraid to show your fun side. Smile and laugh. Be considerate when someone has an extra question or needs some advice or encouragement. Share your time.

At Patient News, we’ve been all over the Fish! Philosophy for more than a dozen years. It’s so simple … if you haven’t read the book, which is a quick read, I highly recommend you get a copy. Its four key tenets are:

  •  Choose a positive attitude

  •  Remember to play each day

  •  Be present when talking to colleagues, friends, family, clients…

  •  Make someone’s day when you notice that they need a boost.

A little bit of kindness can make someone’s day; your team, your patients, and everyone around you will appreciate it. Remember, today’s going to be a great day and something nice is going to happen to you!

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