Developing A Brand Presence

Every dentist has a value proposition or competitive advantage, but in some cases it might not have been clearly defined for marketing. Consumer preferences like convenient hours, one-stop services, accepting insurances, offering unique technology, having great reviews, or offering urgent walk-in care are great attributes. However, if these qualities are the practice’s biggest secret, then effectively communicating to your target area with a dedicated and well-crafted marketing campaign can improve your new-patient flow. If you haven’t defined your attributes or have been inconsistent in your marketing efforts, e.g. gaps in mailing, changes in offers or creative … then your brand might just not be overly recognizable.

Recognizability: That’s not really a word but it means everything to an independent dentist. In order for your dental practice to stand out from the crowd, you need a clearly defined value proposition and brand image that is easily repeatable. A postcard doesn’t have the real estate required to effectively tell your story, and it will get around 3-8 seconds of viewing. Your 4-page newsletter is a welcomed educational piece; a format that allows you to share important information and to communicate your competitive advantages. They make a dental practice stand out.

Whatever your attributes are, they need to be nailed down and reinforced repeatedly with appropriate creative and well-designed graphics that will resonate with your target market in every marketing campaign. But you’re running a busy practice… You need a way to establish, maintain, and further your brand image and improve your practice distinction without a great deal of effort on your part.

Our neighborhood newsletter program offers the ideal solution; they not only build a recognizable brand but they elevate the practice within its community, establishing the dentist and team as experts in their field. Your primary healthcare decision makers – women – appreciate the commitment to the sharing of value added educational content so they can make informed decisions for their families.

The unique thing about our neighborhood newsletters is that nestled inside your consistent marketing messaging and brand image is refreshed educational dental content. This elevates your brand in your community and establishes you as the practice to turn to. The format of the newsletter will increase your marketing response – and we make it easy by removing all of the work of content review and approval – we take care of it all.

Call your Account Manager for ways to improve the ease of use and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Our dental marketing experts are available for free unlimited business marketing support.

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