Direct Mail Matters In A Big Way

In our connected world, we can easily get sidetracked from our priorities and the busy-ness of day to day work can derail the most dedicated of plans leaving us wondering what happens in the long run. Research consistently reveals that most people act on direct mailings and regard direct mail and other printed communications as essential to their overall experience of products that they’re interested in.

In fact, more consumers visit a company’s website in response to direct mail, at a 10% greater volume than driven by email. Direct mail plays an essential role in our lives as consumers, and most studies reveal that direct mail is one of the most trustworthy marketing channels. When it comes to dental marketing it’s critical to stay on course and keep mailings consistent.

Direct mail is seen as more memorable and authoritative whereas email can provide ease of response and the ability to share. Direct mail is an important conduit to all marketing channels increasing overall marketing effectiveness when properly managed and maintained.

It’s really important to monitor overall results, recognize areas for improvement, and never forget your primary target audience – the female head of household. Women make more than 90% of all healthcare buying decisions and they like information via direct mail. They need quality communications and confidence building when it comes to committing to a high value service like dentistry.

We all know that patients want a dental practice that offers convenience, affordability, good-quality dental work, a dentist who cares, who has experience and has a good chair side manner. The good news is you offer these things. The not-so-good news is your competition is saying they do too. Your direct mail newsletter campaigns are appreciated by recipients; they are held for future reference and truly help your practice stand out above the rest.

The takeaway today is confirmation that you are on the right path with your marketing mix when you consistently incorporate all channels including direct mail, web and social. Our advanced, complete systems and format provides you with the competitive edge in all areas of practice growth from acquisition, retention, reactivation and effective transition. If you’re not confident that your overall marketing plan is doing all it can to help your practice stand out, call your Account Manager. Value, trust and excellent service is our priority and we’ll ensure that we continue to deliver those in our relationship.

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