Some myths just won’t go away, no matter how much research has proven them wrong. Some come with a built-in ick factor, like … a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. Some are potentially dangerous … put an aspirin on a toothache. And some just propel bad advice.

We also hear myths about marketing like “it’s easy for a practice to produce their own practice newsletter.” In fact it’s not. An expert can do it for you faster, easier, and most importantly – get results for you for about half the cost. 

When you consider all the events that happen at your practice every day – procedures, managing staff, helping patients, addressing concerns, working the phones, dealing with emergencies and walk-in opportunities to acquire new patients – every minute counts.

Yet marketing is an extremely critical component of your day so how do you fit it in? For sure you’d rather be welcoming a new patient who is looking for a full-mouth reconstruction rather than writing an article for your newsletter – not us – we’re passionate about writing and design!

And there’s a lot more to consider than writing content… What topics should you write about? What words are more effective than others? What promotions will readers respond to most? What is the latest research that should be shared? How do you address some of those tricky topics like no shows and cancellations? Who is your target and how do you generate a mailing list? Who bought the paper and envelopes? Will you print in color? Who stuffs and addresses the envelopes? Affixes stamps? Imagine the stress relief when you delegate the task …Ahhh.

And while your marketing partner is saving you time and money creating your campaign, imagine how you and your team could be spending your time. Taking care of more patients? Supporting your charity? Maybe you could spend a little more precious time with your family.

We have all heard the phrase “time is money” – and that is no myth. Taking care of your own marketing is probably costing you double or more in time, product, and postage, and something that is often overlooked … the actual effectiveness of your campaign!

Our client, Dr. Diane Arel, of Harrison OH, is an excellent example of this kind of success. The results of her 2010 program brought 74 new patients generating $141,422 in revenue in the first year alone! She lets her PNP Account Manager take care of it all; she just has to occasionally edit to add her personal touch. And adding a bit more sweetness to Dr. Arel’s success … her Art Of Smiles publication just received a prestigious 2011 American Inhouse Design Award from among 4,000 entries.

Something else about Dr. Arel’s newsletter… It is clearly identified as being printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper (from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources) and is printed with vegetable-based inks. These two features, of which consumers are increasingly aware and looking for, disputes another marketing myth – going green means online marketing – not true. In fact, most recently we were honored as the first 3-time recipient of the WhatTheyThink Environmental Innovation Awards!

Just as it is a myth that digital communication could create a paperless society, it is an absolute myth that print communication is environmentally unfriendly.

*According to the American Chemical Society, nearly 50 million tons of e-waste (such as cell phones and computers) is created each year worldwide – enough to fill a line of garbage trucks half-way around the globe, and economists estimate that this is responsible for as much carbon dioxide emission as all air traffic.

* Paper is renewable. It decomposes in a landfill. And as a responsible marketer, Patient News has calculated its yearly environmental footprint and we participate annually in an exciting tree-planting initiative to reverse it completely. This year we helped to plant over 5,000 trees!

You’ll be really interested to know that Marketing Powers Activate identified a rise in printed direct marketing after three years of decline. The reasons behind a return to this traditional marketing method are compelling. Marketers are recognizing that direct mail regularly generates the highest-value new clients.

We’ve experienced this in our own marketing efforts. Patient News uses a multi-channel approach (print, direct mail, email, tradeshows, online, etc.), and we track the results of each initiative. We aren’t surprised to see that direct mail is the consistent winner in delivering the highest-quality new clients. And our client’s are reporting the same thing with comments like “ The patients delivered by Patient News are the best in our practice” are the norm.

Print media clearly wins the race as the preferred advertising platform, well outshooting websites, email, social media, and mobile communications. This is not hard to understand when you consider that the average email open rate is only 22% (and click through rates are declining) and that printed direct mail has a 100% reach to your prospective client.

So just as a white tooth isn’t always healthy, a busy practice isn’t always productive. Now that we’ve done a bit of myth busting, we want to be sure that you know that it’s not a myth that you will get professional best-practices advice and support from Patient News about your marketing initiatives.

Please call us anytime for a no obligation consultation. We’d be happy to provide a comparison review for all you “do-it-yourselfers,” and you can find out more about our environmental efforts at . We are experienced in practice marketing, will deliver a terrific return on investment, guarantee respect for your time and quick response to your inquiries, and we guarantee your marketing campaigns will stay on budget and on time. Please call us at 1.888.377.2404.