Do You Have Dirty Data?

The importance of accurate marketing reports.

When your computer system contains inaccurate or incomplete patient information, you know you’re going to be in trouble. Well, the same holds true when it comes to tracking marketing results correctly.

Let me provide you with an actual example. A client in Indiana recently had his team pull a report from his practice management software to see how his new patient marketing campaign was doing. The data that the team provided prompted the dentist to call us to place his campaign on hold. The reason – perceived poor response/return on investment.

Based upon the referral sources that the staff had manually ticked off in the practice software system, the dentist thought he had only received 2 new patients from the direct mail campaign. In reality, the client had generated more than 30 direct new patients. Because we track, record, and score each call, we were able to help this client avoid making a decision that could have cost his practice thousands of dollars not only in lost new-patient opportunities, but marketing momentum.

The Account Manager took the client through a live presentation of results on his Marketing Performance Dashboard. Each call generated from the direct mail campaign had been tracked, recorded, listened to, and scored. The result? Over 30 new single appointments made! When you calculate an average household size and conservative ADA average patient spend, that’s a whopping $40,000 first-year revenue versus the $3,000 that the dentist thought he had generated. Top that off with an unprecedented call conversion rate of 95% – this client was getting amazing results from his team too but they were missing out on getting kudos for their excellent results by not tracking effectively!

Imagine interrupting a revenue generator like this at your practice! This story makes it clear why it is imperative that marketing reporting data is validated regularly. Manual entry will cause errors. They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure, but maybe it should also be you can’t measure what you can’t verify. There are a few things you can do right now:

1. Ensure you are tracking and scoring all inbound calls – use our Marketing Performance Dashboard for complete unbiased scoring and results visibility and audit other results reports for accuracy.

2. Regularly review your new-patient reports and plot your results on a map which gives you priceless visual results. If you haven’t completed this yet, contact your Account Manager to run your analysis.

3. Hold team meetings to review ALL current marketing and offers. Your team should know and understand your new-patient goals and how not only converting calls but also tracking results effectively can affect all aspects of your business including practice growth, job security, and happiness!

4. Continually train your team in customer service and new-patient phone handling techniques. We never stop training our team on dental marketing and how to improve your results and enhance your experience with us. Use the Phone Power training materials and videos (on your Marketing Performance Dashboard) to have everyone who answers your phone brush up their skills continually.

5. Add a “whisper tone” to your call tracking number that, when your team answers your phone, quickly lets them know the source of a call. Script your call handling procedure to include: Did you receive our newsletter? If the patient says no, that’s an opportunity to connect by sending them a copy or inviting them to visit your practice. (Remember to have extra copies available in your display stand in your reception area.)

Thankfully our Marketing Performance Dashboard was able to put a spotlight on a situation that our Indiana client may not have ever realized and, unfortunately, one that may have already cost him unknown thousands of dollars.

The fact is dirty data has led us all to make business decisions that were probably not the right ones from time to time – but with today’s technology at our fingertips, and the team at Patient News supporting you with analytics and advice – you now have verifiable and accurate business intelligence data on which to base your decisions.

Unfortunately whenever we have information that is entered by hand, like a marketing referral source drop-down tick box, we have an opportunity for error and inconsistent information. Even at Patient News – where our lives are focused on marketing results visibility and where every frontline Account Manager understands the importance of precise tracking – we always use every tool available to us from call tracking and recording to random audits and reviews. We walk the talk.

Our Marketing Performance Dashboard provides you with outstanding business intelligence information. You can access your dashboard at any time – see how many calls you’ve received, when calls are being answered, and when they’re being missed and landing in voicemail. You can review call scores and spot listen to hear how calls are handled at your practice. If anyone who answers the phone at your office needs a little polishing, you have access to our 12 call handling modules that cover every element of new patient call handling. You can monitor results and celebrate excellent conversion rates like the ones the team in Indiana is delivering for their dentist!

Protect your investment. Secure your practice and your future by having all the facts in hand before you make another serious business decision. You will facilitate better informed decision making, you will improve patient satisfaction, and you’ll increase practice efficiency. Doesn’t that sound like a more profitable situation?!

Worried your data may be a little dirty? If you’re not sure in even the slightest way, contact your Account Manager to guide you through our process that will ensure you’re growing your business. We won’t let inaccurate data slow your growth trajectory by taking you in the wrong direction.

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