Do You Really Know What’s Going On In Your Office?

As our businesses get larger, add staff, and become more complicated, as owners we have to focus “on the business.” What we have a tendency to forget, as we delegate more, is that we still need to understand our customers (patients). In 2012, I was so focused on the business; I was losing touch with our clients. Coincidentally, at this time I was flipping through an issue of Forbes and came across an article “CEOs Who Work In Cubicles.”

Meg Whitman sat in an eight-by-eight-foot cubicle in eBay’s San Jose headquarters. Michelle Peluso worked in a cubicle when she ran TravelocityZappos Chief Executive Tony Hsieh sits in a cube in the company’s Las Vegas headquarters. I thought “why not,” so I moved from my office on the opposite side of the building and took a cubicle in the middle of our Client Services department, which is part of an open 6,000-square-foot office environment. Sales, design, product development, and office administration are also located in this area.

After the initial shock of having the CEO in cubicle next door, the team responded very positively. The move helped create a “we’re in this together atmosphere” and also created more opportunities for informal exchange and collaboration. During the first 90 days, it was re-awakening for me. I was able to over-hear hundreds of conversations that gave me a new found understanding of our clients’ needs and wants.

At the same time, I started listening to incoming calls to our Sales and Client Services departments. I’m frequently in my car for 2 to 3 hour periods and this gave me the perfect opportunity to hear recordings of these critical conversations. Similar to incoming calls to your office, which are accessible through your dashboard for you to listen to, they are an incredible learning experience for practice and business owners.

Listen not only to these calls, but your staff’s input. Your level of understanding and your practice will change in ways you never thought possible. Use the Phone Power training guides and your Account Manager for training assistance – that’s part of the Patient News all-inclusive service. We just experienced yet another year of fantastic growth as a result of an incredibly motivated and well-trained team. You can do the same.

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