DON’T Be Yanny – Direct Mail Works

Dental marketing at its best

Direct mail has a knack that no other dental marketing vehicle really does. It’s like your best-friend; always there when you need it. And you can achieve significant practice growth.

How would you like to increase production by 30% in 2018/2019?

Direct mail can be one of, if not the, biggest drivers of your local business growth. Be there, in homes, in your primary target homes, month over month, with the right content and message, and you will grow your practice. 

You can own your market. With big returns – I’ll explain below.

Think about all the realtor flyers you receive. Those folks don’t give up. If you’ve just moved in or you’re not thinking of selling your home for 10 years, you filter them out through your mail sorting. BUT the moment you start “thinking” you might be in the market to sell, those realtor mailers start to become REALLY visible.

Even if you have and love your realtor – you start to take notice of who sold what, the value they obtained, how successful they are, and what’s listed around you. You might even consider switching from your preferred realtor if you perceive another as more effective for your property

That’s exactly like dentistry. You need to be in your area homes consistently in order to grab consumer attention when you can. But not with a real estate postcard.

Number one, dentistry isn’t like real estate. 

  • People aren’t bombarded with oral health information, so by being in-home with valuable dental info, you seed their need.
  • Your direct mail isn’t a promo – it tells all those adults who “think” they’re healthy that they shouldn’t be fooling themselves. And it reminds your active (but lapsing or not scheduled) patients to get back in to see you.

Secondly, like real estate, dentistry isn’t top of mind every day. 

  • I might have just had a cleaning that wasn’t a great experience, but I’m not going to choose a new dental office next week … but I will be paying attention in a few months. I might even put an impressive mailer to the side for when I’m ready or someone in my family is.
  • Another household may get your information and really want to select your practice, but you don’t accept their insurance. Then they change jobs and get new insurance. You’re still there with your monthly mailing and they get excited to finally to call your practice. (We hear this one all the time.)

Now that we have connected our clients’ practice management software with their direct mail campaigns, our clients are able to clearly see the significant overall practice growth driven by direct mail. 

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30% year-over-year bumps and more!

Clients who have invested $500,000 over many years now “own” their market and have driven well over $5 million in production. 

At the end of the day, those increases, without adding additional staff or space, mean big increases in profit.  

On average, our clients are experiencing a 6:1 return on investment. $6 for every $1 spent ON AVERAGE. You don’t get that return in this big way with many investments. Top performers are coming in at $12 and $15 to one. 

You need this visibility of your dental marketing campaign results.

You have to find out more. You need to see our new Marketing Performance Dashboard PRO.

Just carve a few minutes from your schedule or pick up the phone and call your Account Executive or Account Manager now. 

The direct mail system we’ve got for you now will definitely increase your practice production and profit margin. Click here now for free info about how we can get your practice these increases.

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