Don’t Expect To See A Change If You Don’t Make One

You can improve practice and marketing performance

Howard Farran’s article in the November issue of Dentaltown Magazine caught my eye.

“If you don’t practice in a rural area, chances are you’ve seen an increase in competition over the past 10 years.”

LOL – yes, every dentist we speak with is being impacted – even in rural centers. The thing is, “competition increasing” isn’t just because young grads are opening up practices in prime markets, and it’s not that group offices with conveniences up the ying yang are making it tougher. It’s that EVERY DENTAL OFFICE has noticed a change.

And therefore, EVERY DENTAL OFFICE is upping their game. More services. Better conveniences. More marketing. More visibility.

Do you think the fact that adult dental participation is at its lowest has impacted as well? Fewer visits, more advertising, and more-demanding, less-interested consumers means more and more doctors are looking around at what they can do to increase dentistry at their practice.

The pressure to get and keep good patients isn’t going away any time soon.

Just for marketing you need:

  • An up-to-date, effective online presence
  • Regular blogging
  • Reputation management
  • Social marketing
  • Adwords/remarketing on Google, Facebook, Bing
  • Consistent and targeted direct mail to key households surrounding your practice
  • Call tracking and SCORING
  • Team telephone training
  • Patient retention campaigns & out-of-office value-add communications
  • Insurance/membership plans/pay plans.
  • New-patient and existing-patient offer strategies.

It’s 2019 NOW. Call to book a strategy session NOW. 

My CEO, Wayne Lavery, says, “Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.”

Is his article, Farran asks, “Do you have what it takes to make the tough decisions and the changes necessary to be successful?”

Lean times, he says, are a good time to take another look at your practice. It’s processes.

  • How many people walk out the door without an appointment?
  • Do you have enough new patients calling?
  • Are patients calling, but not scheduling?

Farran says, “You should be able to look at your numbers and see who’s unscheduled.” He also wondered if you or an office manager is listening to transcripts of calls to check for opportunities to improve. Who has time for that?

  • We can tell you exactly who’s scheduled OR NOT at your practice.
  • We can help you get more new-patient calls.
  • We can tell you exactly how your team is handling inbound calls.
  • We can identify specifically how calls can be improved.
  • We CAN improve practice performance.

KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS is half the battle. Our Marketing Performance Dashboard brings your practice and marketing metrics together in a single convenient dashboard. Schedule a LIVE demo for your practice today – it’s free and I GUARANTEE you will get value from the session.

Farran also mentions looking at the physical appearance of your practice. This really is so important. Honestly, I’ve blogged about this many times. None of us realize how rough our offices can look – we get so used to them. Stop and take a walk around – sit in the patient chair in silence for 10 minutes. The time a patient might be left alone. What do you look at? Are the framed certificates crooked? Is there dust on a table in the corner? Is there a dead bug in your light fixture? Get that stuff cleaned up!

It’s 2019 NOW. Don’t expect a change if you don’t make one. Successful dentists choose Patient News. They listen to and trust our experts. Are you determined to:

  • Differentiate your practice from competitors?
  • Better-manage reviews, social, and online marketing?
  • Reduce churn and reactivate good patients?
  • Get the right training and support for your front-line team?
  • Attract a steady flow of new patients?

We can help with a marketing strategy session now to arm you with a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals starting in January. Now is the time to call.

Patient News provides digital and direct mail solutions proven to make your dental practice STAND OUT and Grow. We use the most advanced marketing technologies, integrate with your practice management software, and, with our services and training, we help you succeed with marketing.

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