Don’t Gear Down Because It Is Summer

Just this week I was able to get my daughter in for her ortho checkup … I’m going to book her regular cleaning and get her wisdom teeth taken care of before she goes back to school. And I need to book my own appointments.

People don’t “vacation” the way they used to, so don’t operate as if everyone has left town … many families don’t even take summer vacation – or all at the same time!

Steady marketing is really important. It’s important to stay top-of-mind with patients and prospects so that folks prioritize you into their schedules. Continue to reach out to your patients by email and by mail. Promote and encourage convenient summer appointments, recommend that parents bring in kids to avoid lost class time in the fall, or for patients to get more major work done outside of busier times of the year. Parents are also wondering what to do with their kids all summer long … remind them to get those dental appointments taken care of now!

You can also sound the general alarm not to neglect oral health over the summer … those who will have time off from work may view this as a great time to book appointments with you.  We’re watching calls steadily flow in through Call Tracker, and when clients continue to market, they continue to get bookings.

Brainstorm with your Account Manager about your summer marketing plans … if you’re worried about a slowdown then ramp up communications … perhaps you can offer a mid-day special or a guarantee for next-day appointments so patients can book on a whim.  Reward patients who’ve been loyal with a summer incentive. Launch a seasonal referral campaign for July with a “big ticket” prize like a mountain bike or fantastic barbecue … you can promote these things quickly through your email patient newsletter – ask your Account Manager to get you started.

If you find the business little slower, perhaps you have time to add a personal touch, with thank you notes or follow-up phone calls? (Last year my daughter and I went to a brand-new practice a little outside of my area, which I did because I wanted to support the dentist. Yet he didn’t say thank you, didn’t call to follow up, or send a note.  Because of this I will likely be heading back to our local dentist.) If you have time, DO make a call to thank a new patient, follow up with a patient after treatment, or send a note – these small efforts go a long way in developing loyalty.

The point is, you don’t have to experience a slowdown in the summer … and you definitely don’t want to slow down your marketing efforts now or you could feel a patient slowdown in the fall. Consistency and frequency breeds trust which builds practice revenue.

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