Don’t Make This Mistake…

At our Monday morning huddle, Patient News’ Account Managers and Sales Executives meet to discuss current business, new products, and client discussions. At our most recent huddle, one of our senior AMs brought up an interesting dialogue with a practice’s new marketing manager. This individual was a 30-year-old male who simply did not like the design of our newsletters. He didn’t like the colors, imagery, or the content.

It’s likely this marketing manager failed to ask a fundamental marketing question: “Who is my customer?” Hint: It is not 30-year-old single males. As crazy as it sounds, this theme repeats itself around the world and many companies are leaving millions of dollars on the table, because they do not understand nor acknowledge the female consumer.

Talk about missed opportunities! Women control 80% of household spending in the U.S. and Canada and in the healthcare sector, it’s more like 90%. This is not a stereotype but a reality – even in traditionally thought-to-be male-dominated sectors like automotive and electronics, it’s actually women who are driving sales.

Companies that recognize this and devote time and resources to understanding this key consumer are winning in today’s marketplace. And they don’t make gratuitous gestures to reach women, relying on dated stereotypes. If you want to grow with this economic power, you must:

  • Respect that women are not a niche group with a single expectation
  • Listen to what she is saying and ask her opinion
  • Acknowledge her influence and include her in communication before, during, and following appointments
  • Understand that she is extremely connected to family when making purchasing decisions.

When determining your marketing messaging, regardless of medium, don’t make assumptions based on your personal knowledge and experience. It’s very possible you don’t think like your target market.

With 24+ years’ experience, Patient News takes this understanding one level further by performing “predictive eye tracking studies” on our newsletters. The selections of imagery that we incorporate into newsletters attract the eye to key content and increase the readers’ motivation to respond. In fact, our newsletter format is almost two times as effective at engaging the consumer brain as postcards.

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