Educate About Insurance Now

Patients need time to take action

In North America, well over 60,000,000 kids will head back to elementary and secondary school. Add back-to-school to off to college and university and you have a big distracted group of patients – and your primary healthcare decision maker – Mom – who, like everyone else, has not only been enjoying a brief summer hiatus, but in the last few weeks she’s been super busy with the back-to-school prep.

Now is the time for you and your team (and your fall marketing program) to start talking up the importance of understanding insurance and how to maximize benefit coverage. Yes insurance. If you offer to help consumers, they will be more likely to trust and choose you. All of our top campaigns promote insurance – patients want to use it if they have it and want to know you’ll help.

Many patients aren’t cognizant of the start and stop of their benefits. They don’t realize that their dental benefits don’t “rollover” and that unused benefits are in fact lost.

You have great messages to share to encourage patients to act now:

1. The deductible has probably already been paid and will be payable again in the new year.

2. Those paying premiums should at least take advantage of their regular dental cleanings.

3. Delayed treatment can cause worse (and more costly) problems down the road – most plans are weighted to prevention for a reason – let patients know you’ll work with them to help them understand what they need, what’s covered, and how you can assist with payment planning.

4. More-extensive dentistry may require a pre-treatment estimate and you can help financially by staging treatment to start in this calendar year and carry over to their next benefit period.

5. If you’re planning a fee increase in the new year – which will affect co-pay amounts – advise patients and get business on the books now!

Maybe you’ve just added a new insurance or entered another plan. Promote this! Let patients know how easy it is to work with your practice. Use your newsletters to educate patients and prospects about how to check their plans and to encourage them to turn to you and your team for advice on how best to utilize their coverage.

Give your team “talking points” that they can use when patients are in the practice or one the phone. Keep this promotion going from now until November. Don’t wait until December to start reminding patients and cause a negative reaction when there isn’t time to see you for the visits necessary to maximize benefits.

Ask your Account Manager for content ideas for your patient and neighborhood newsletters now.

For free information about communication ideas, please contact our experienced team. You’ll get live support from Monday-Friday, 9am – 5:30pm EST. Messages will be returned promptly, within one business day at most.

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