Effective Online Marketing – Brand, Logos and Taglines for Dentists

Increaslingly, we live in an online world, and this digital life we’re adopting is changing the way we make basic decisions about brands and businesses. Online advertising has affected the dental business world as well, and dental practices that include online dental marketing strategies as part of their overall marketing mix can be even more successful.

Communicating online should carry through the brand you have developed for your physical practice, print marketing, billboards, and direct mail. Brand recognition, brand marketing, and brand development will improve overall marketing results for a dental office.

What is a Brand?

It’s difficult to define a business brand, but most consumers know it when they see it. The brand is more than the business logo or letterhead; it’s the combination of the logo, the color palette, the web design, the tone of online content, the images or videos used in advertising, and much more. A business’ brand is like an individual’s personality, and it’s crucial to succeeding in a competitive business world.

A dental marketing agency like Patient News will start adjusting and perfecting a dentist’s brand by tackling logos and tag lines. These are two of the most prominent brand indicators and they can make or break a dental establishment. This isn’t something accomplished by your daughter’s friend who is handy with computer design. This requires detailed demographic analysis and creative briefs that incorporate the practice philosophies, target market, and goals.

Logos and Taglines

Dentists’ logos use imagery, color, shape, and even fonts to communicate the values and ideals of the dental practice. Logos come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind. A dental logo should be calming and soothing to alleviate fears held by many adults. The logo should be welcoming, encouraging consumers to make contact with the practice. Logos should also be professional: consumers want to know they are in good hands. Different dental practices will use differing logos, depending on what type of patient they are targeting. A logo that works for one demographic may fail miserably with another.

The same is true for taglines. A short descriptive dental tagline can communicate a wealth of information about a dental practice. Creating this tagline, and the dentist logo, requires a great deal of market research, advertising experience, and understanding of design aesthetics, color theory, and market trends. That’s why many dentists hire dental marketing agencies to provide guidance and counsel regarding one of the most important marketing decisions. A team of professionals can evaluate a dental practice’s community, the needs and desires of the average consumer, and other important factors before using this information to craft an attention-grabbing dentist logo or a dental tagline that entices consumers to form a lasting, loyal patient-dentist relationship.

Consumers make split-second decisions about dental practices, and oftentimes all a consumer will evaluate is the basic brand image. Even pages of quality web content or beautifully managed social networks are useless if online dental marketing strategies don’t begin with the right logo and tagline. A well-designed dentist logo and dental tagline can transform a dental practice from strange, frightening, and unknown ... to familiar, accessible, and friendly ... in the blink of an eye.

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