Dental Marketing Ideas To Fill Summer Schedule Gaps

As business leaders, we all recognize business ebbs and flows, particularly in a small- to medium-sized organization where leaders work “in” the business as well as leading and fulfilling the business vision. Planning and preempting production highs and lows can often get waylaid due to the current “busy” work.

Here are 8 ways you can make sure you make the most of your summer schedule:

1. Engage your team in a brainstorming session.

Inter-departmental communication always improves teamwork. Does everyone understand practice goals? Share each area’s unique challenges and you’ll find creative ways to hit your goals more reliably. There is always more brainpower in a group.

2. Talk to patients. It makes them feel more valued.

It shows you care when you ask about patient experiences. Patient News can help you execute a satisfaction survey and compile and provide business insight results.

3. Engage patients with referral incentives & special offers.

Set monthly referral goals and ASK for them. Always ask new patients to bring family members with them. If your market area averages 3.7 people per household, your patient list should reflect this. If not, you have some work to do! Based on the goals and challenges you identified in your brainstorming session, determine effective marketing strategies.

4. Get out there! Fun races, team building, charity events.

Slower schedules allow for team training and energizing community participation. Don your branded colors and make your practice STAND OUT. Take pics for your website, Facebook, and patient newsletter updates.

5. What’s your market potential? How many people who live near you are your patients?

Do you know your dentist-to-population statistic … or the areas that will provide the best opportunities to increase your market share? Your Account Manager can prepare your market analysis report and help you understand what the numbers mean.

6. Don’t stop! Team training and marketing should be constant and consistent.

Inconsistency is the biggest business killer. When revenue dips, we turn to cost-cutting (often marketing and wages are targeted), but marketing and team development are critical investments in practice growth. Want to move the needle on practice revenue? Continuously train and keep your marketing plan consistent.

7. Slice and dice your data to uncover ways to improve.

  • How many new patients did your practice generate last year?
  • Has your total active patient count increased over the previous year?
  • Does every new patient from the past 6 months have recare scheduled?

8. Review past marketing activities … with caution.

Unless each campaign used call tracking analytics, you will be relying on anecdotal data. That’s why it’s usually most effective to look at marketing from a topline revenue standpoint. If you’ve been guilty of start/stop marketing, it’s probably affected your practice potential. A consistent marketing plan will drive consistent growth.

There are many ways improve your summer (or any slow) schedule, starting with analysis of results in order to make the right decisions that will drive growth for your practice all year long. Contact your Account Manager for a free market area and practice analysis. There is critical information that you need to ensure you make the best decisions for your practice.

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