Fast & Easy – Email!

Your valued patients are receiving alluring messages from your competitors all the time – what are they receiving from you?

Right now I’m in between dentists – I have several to choose from in my city, I’ve been loyal to one for many years, and I visited a new one earlier this year – yet neither one have contacted me for a repeat visit from me or my daughter. Make a tiny effort, I say, and you’ll have my attention. It will remind me to rebook. It would make me feel a little valued.

Email marketing allows you to reach your valued patients quickly, regularly and economically so why aren’t you taking advantage of this simple tool?

I guess there’s the big question, don’t we receive too much email, how will I get noticed in the inbox? You definitely won’t get noticed if you’re not there! Our clients are experiencing open rates often double or more than that of industry averages. Better engage and retain valuable patients, grow your practice and increase revenue with our simple email newsletter program – same great quality as your print piece, but cost effective and EASY to use! Call your Account Manager today for free information and see for yourself how the excellent quality content, articles and designs will dazzle your patients - increasing lifetime value.

Here’s a link to a terrific blog by Karen Talavera, an internationally recognized expert and thought leader on email marketing.

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