Find New Patients – Even If You Don’t Know Where To Look For Them

When we think about technology advances, we usually think in terms of electronic communications, e-commerce, social interactions, artificial intelligence, and recently, political relationships.

Though it’s not a regular topic of discussion, direct mail strategies, tools, technology, and process have dramatically changed as well. Far from being dead, sophisticated direct mail strategies are now defined by how well you’re able to identify, segment, and target the people most likely to respond, engage, and convert.

This goes far beyond basic demographics like income and home value. Sophisticated tools can analyze markets and patients, see trends and patterns on maps, and generate comprehensive reports. Imagine knowing that 19% of your existing patients are professionals in finance, IT, or management. That they are not cost-conscious and are willing to spend more for quality and brands they like. Sound like an ideal patient?

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Direct mail’s response rates are actually 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital.

Now imagine finding these individuals right in your market area and reaching them with your dental marketing with the right imagery, message, and offer. It’s no wonder the Direct Marketing Association found that direct mail’s response rates are actually 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital. Potential patients are so overwhelmed with unsolicited marketing emails that they are far more receptive to direct mail.

Data guides Patient News’ strategy with our Discovery Session and through to project execution. The sophistication and tools we use in all our marketing used to be the domain of large brands and expensive agencies. Through years of fine-tuning, we can offer creative, targeting, segmentation, and analysis in a process-driven way to ensure long-term success.

As our fathers taught us, there is a “right way” to do things. Today’s dental marketing has advanced so far in recent years that if you’re not utilizing the latest and “right” technology, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to attract new patients.

Give the experts at Patient News a call today. We’ll show you where your best patients live and how to find them.

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